How to Fight against Prayerlessness: 11 Proven Ways

Are you seeking answers and a solution to know how to fight against prayerlessness? Prayerlessness is something we all have experienced (or are experiencing) as believers. Truth is, praying sometimes can be hard. You know, you have some pressing family needs to attend to, you have the games to catch up on, or even your …

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Pray To God

9 Reasons Why We Should Pray To God Everyday

If God already knows our hearts and desires, do we really need to pray? Many of us would say we should pray just because the bible says so. In the book of 1 Thess.5:17, Paul wrote, “Pray without ceasing”, however, why should we pray is the key concern and basis of being prayerful. Throughout the …

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Secrets For Praying With Power

10 Secrets For Praying With Power

Prayer is a very important factor in the life of every Christian. Christians should be praying daily for guidance, protection, provision, and most of all to develop the relationship with Jesus. The success of a Christian spiritually is very much dependent on the level of his prayerfulness. In the book of Philippians 4:6, the bible …

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