Relationship with God?

Why is it Important to have A Relationship with God?

Have you ever wondered why some people have a deeper relationship with God than others? You may have already thought that, like many human parents, God has his favorite children. While some seem to be so intimate and close, others seem distant and indifferent to the Father. But the reality is that God has neither …

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Christian Couple

Top 25 Relationship Books Christian Couple Should Read Together

Are you dating, engaged, or married? Have you been looking for resources to help you grow more in your relationship? Perhaps looking for good Christian books about relationships? Today, I want us to look at the following twenty-five Christian relationship books.  The list is in no particular order. But it includes some of the more …

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Marriage Podcasts for Christian Couples

The 21 Best Marriage Podcasts for Christian Couples

Do you feel that your marriage is in need of some encouragement? Are you an avid listener of podcasts? There are many podcasts out there on the topic of relationships, but not all are for Christians. However, there are still quite a few Christian marriage podcasts for couples. Today, I want to share about the …

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Waiting for a Husband?

What God says about Waiting for a Husband?

What does God say about waiting for a husband? This is an excellent question to consider. Because waiting is one of the most difficult things in this world. The feeling of not knowing when your expectations will be met is always hard when all you do is wait. But waiting is part of life. At …

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Christian Dating Advice for Men

Christian Dating Advice for Men: Top 13 Tips

Dating is very complicated nowadays; that is why getting Christian dating advice for men is important. It’s easy to confuse modern-day dating with Christian dating, Why? Some of the people who give Christian dating advice disregard the Bible. Don’t get me wrong, some of the information these experts provide is great. But most of what …

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Christian Dating Advice for Women: Top 13 Tips

In a world where immorality is made to seem cool, Christian dating advice for women is essential. But there’s so much advice out there about dating that it can get confusing. The stereotypes attached to Christian dating can cause someone to settle for less. But with the right Christian dating advice, you can enter into …

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