The Top 17 Best New International Version Bibles

In this article, we have named and collated 17 of the Best New International Version Bibles.

Getting to know yourself and your relationship with God would at least require you to get one of these great resources.

It is also important to choose what fits your needs best, and how to go about maximizing it.

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After this, you will hopefully be able to use it as a tool to increase your understanding and connection to God.

You need to consider age, and gender, in that way you will be able to pick the right resource. Otherwise, enjoy the review and decide right after.

Best New International Version Bibles Reviews.


1.NIV Study Bible, Hardcover, Red Letter Edition.

The Top 17 Best New International Version Bibles
This well-received version of the Holy Bible is a Gold Medallion Award Winner.

This study book includes over 20,000 study notes made by the same distinguished scholars who did its translation.


  • It has a four-color interior with photographs, maps, illustrations. and charts that give life to the great stories of the Holy Bible.
  • It contains the accurate and complete text of the New International Version translation.
  • Introduces and provides valuable background information for every book in the Bible.


  • Plenty of helpful notes and articles.
  • Has a wealth of Archeological and Biblical Information which proves that the Bible is historically accurate.
  • Pages are of the correct thickness.
  • This book is very thorough in terms of details and explanation which makes it an ideal study bible.


  • Because this is a hardbound copy, it is a little bit too heavy to bring along as a carry-around bible.
  • The hardbound copy is ok. However, the electronic version is having some downloading and opening issues.
  1. NIV, Quest Study Bible, eBook: The Only Q and A Study Bible.

The Top 17 Best New International Version Bibles
It contains a question and answer format providing insight into some of the significant passages in the Bible.

It is a fact that more than 1,000 people have participated to make this ebook a truly enhanced resource.

This group then received passages from the Scripture and were asked: “What questions do you have regarding that passage from the Bible?”

In turn, this method helps the scholars formulate relevant questions from real readers of the Bible.


  • It contains complete and accurate text, from the New International Version of the Bible.
  • 7,000 very relevant notes made into an engaging question and answer format. It then facilitates learning and understanding of the scripture


  • The unique question and answer format gives better context to some otherwise not easy-to-understand passages.
  • Uses clear and simple English
  • Easy to read the print
  • Great indexing of various subject matters.


  • Pages stick together (hardcover)
  • Pages tend to fall out after some time (hardcover)
  1. NIV Value Thinline Bible, Leathersoft, Brown, Red Letter Edition, Comfort Print.

The Top 17 Best New International Version Bibles
This Bible has an exclusive Comfort Print; typeface that provides a smooth reading experience.

It is the perfect carry-along Bible for group study, at work, or when you travel.


  • This Bible is less than one inch thick making it lightweight and portable.
  • Contains the clear and accurate text of the New International Version (NIV) translation
  • The soft leather cover keeps the book open when it is laid down.


  • Great Value for the price.
  • Beautiful color and design of the outer cover.
  • Great for gifting.
  • Comfort-sized fonts make for an easy read, especially for children and first-time readers


  • Pages too thin for annotation
  • Fonts are a little too small for some older readers who use reading glasses.

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  1. NIV, Super Giant Print Reference Bible, Leathersoft, Brown, Red Letter Edition, Comfort Print.

The Top 17 Best New International Version Bibles
This Bible features the largest font size available in the NIV and Zondervan Comfort Print.

This Bible offers the user easy-to-read large fonts but still small enough to carry around.

This Super Giant Print Bible fits readers of all ages and visual capabilities.


  • Contains NIV concordance
  • Leathersoft; cover allows the book to stay flat when opened
  • The words of Christ are printed in red
  •  The biggest font-size available at 16.5 point print size makes it very easy to read.
  • Contains complete and accurate New International Version translation


  • This Bible has an actual giant print that even the elderly can appreciate and use without any difficulty.
  • Its large size is great for home study
  • No reading glasses required because of its super giant print.


  • This book is too big to carry around
  • Very thin pages
  1. NIV, Bible for Teen Guys, Hardcover: Building Faith, Wisdom, and Strength.

The Top 17 Best New International Version Bibles
A Bible that contains highlights specifically for the devotion of guys aged 13-18 years old is receiving insights from respected Christian authors: Kyle Idleman, Mark Batterson.

Included in the Bible text are smart advice, highlighted promises of God, and some other great insights.

This book helps the young men of God in the discovery of God’s will in their lives.

It contains honest talks about what it means to have God in their lives and overcoming challenges.


  • Highlights character profiles of men in the Bible that are relatable to guys.
  • It contains readable and accurate text from the New International Version translation.
  • Has concordance for easier location of verses.
  • Includes a daily reading from the Christian authors as mentioned above.


  • Makes for a very good and interesting upgrade for young men 13 years old and above.
  • Very easy to understand.
  • A suitable gift item
  • It contains great devotionals that are perfect for young men.


  • Text may be too small for some readers.
  • Not as interesting for girls or women since it is specifically tailored for young men
  1. NIV, Women’s Devotional Bible, Large Print, Leathersoft, Teal.

The Top 17 Best New International Version Bibles
This book contains 1 year’s worth of devotionals written by women of God.

They include Lenya Heitzig, Elisabeth Elliot, Carol Kent, just to name a few.

This edition is highly regarded as the standard in devotional Bibles for women.

It also contains guided reflections that help the reader apply the scriptures in daily life.


  • It contains weekday, weekend, or to a full year of devotionals complete with reflections, and more.
  • Has introductions for each book.
  • The complete text is written in a large print of the New International Version translation.
  • This Bible features a presentation page, a double-column format, and a ribbon marker.


  • This book is a truly helpful resource for a beginning Christian woman.
  • Nice, attractive Teal floral cover.
  • Great gift item
  • Value for money
  • It contains encouraging commentary from the authors.


  • Not so large print on a label that says; large print”
  • Pages again are too thin for annotation.
  1. NIV, Men’s Devotional Bible, Leathersoft, Black/Blue.

The Top 17 Best New International Version Bibles
This Bible is regarded as the standard in Christian Books and Bibles with men’s devotional activities in focus.

These devotionals were written by men of God who have extraordinary insights into the scriptures.

These then were written by the likes of Lee Strobel, Chuck Colson, Rick Warren, and more.

From its weekday to weekend devotions, they are very useful and practical contemplations.


  • It contains reading plans for year-after-year use.
  • It has an index that contains background information about the authors.
  • With a subject index to assist the reader in locating topics with ease.
  • Has the complete and accurate text of the New International Version translation.
  • Leathersoft® cover lays flat when the book is open.


  • This book is a great resource for new Christian men, as well as Christians who wish to deepen their relationship with God.
  • It has a beautiful masculine cover design that appeals to men.
  • Devotionals are deep and very enjoyable
  • Great gift item to the husband, friend, brother, and so forth.


  • Very thin pages
  • Christ words are not in red
  1. NIV Rainbow Study Bible, Purple Leather Touch Indexed.

The Top 17 Best New International Version Bibles Written in a color-coded system, this book lets readers identify the 12 major themes of the Scriptures.

It readily does so quickly and easily right within the verses

It mentions themes like God, love, faith, discipleship, salvation, outreach, family, history, commandments, and prophecy.

This Bible has all the words spoken by God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit underlined for good emphasis.


  • This book is no.1 color-coded NIV, Bible with over 3 million books sold.
  • Includes a Bible reading calendar, subject guide, and concordance.
  • Some other features include: “100 Popular Bible Passages”, “365 Popular Bible Quotations for Memorization and Meditation”
  • It contains an Outline of Old Testament History, Where to Find It, “Know What God Says, Table of Weights and Measures”.


  • The way this book is constructed, makes the reader want to re-read the whole bible.
  • The color-coded verses are very attractive and also helps the reader to maintain focus.
  • It has a great looking leather-like cover
  • It contains large print making it easy to read.


  • The numbers of the passages are small and a little hard to find
  • Pages are thin.

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  1. NIV, Personal Size Reference Bible, Large Print, Leathersoft, Teal, Red Letter Edition, Comfort Print.

The Top 17 Best New International Version Bibles
This Bible is in large print format for easy reading and was created via personal size for the easy carry-along.

So, it is easy on the eyes like a study Bible but portable enough to be carried anywhere.

Its 12 point print-size Zondervan NIV Comfort Print& reg; typeface makes for a worry-free reading experience.


  • Contains NIV dictionary, concordance
  • Complete and accurate text of the New International Version (NIV) translation
  • Includes 8 pages of full-color maps for reference
  • Words of Christ printed in red
  • Leathersoft cover keeps book flat when opened


  • Available in very attractive colors like Teal, Tan brown, and black.
  • Just the right size to carry around
  • Good quality overall in terms of materials used
  • Great value for the price


  • The most quotable words of Jesus are not in red letter
  • This book is not a study Bible
  1. NIV, Bible for Kids, Large Print. Leathersoft, Blue, Red Letter Edition, Comfort Print: Thinline Edition.

The Top 17 Best New International Version Bibles
This Bible is written in Large Print which is perfect for kids and anyone who needs convenience and a readable text.

It is written in NIV Comfort Print& reg; typeface, that this feature reduces fatigue and eyestrain without sacrificing portability.

Comfort Print lets the reader enjoy new types of fonts that are designed for easy flow and readability.


  • 11.4 large print size
  • Built-in presentation page as a gift item
  • The words of Jesus are printed in red
  • Cover for durability and flexibility With Leathersoft™ cove


  • Very easy to find the passages with its large fonts
  • Just about the right size for kids
  • Kids love this Bible
  • Perfect for kids transitioning to a reference Bible without pictures


  • Not for very young kids. It is good only when at least when they get older.
  • The print is not as large.
  1. NIV, Thinline Bible for Teens, Leathersoft, Blue, Red Letter Edition, Comfort Print.

The Top 17 Best New International Version Bibles
This book invites teens who want to deeply explore God’s word. It is the perfect carry-along Bible that is less than an inch thick to take with you when you are on the go.

Written in Zondervan NIV Comfort Print; typeface this Bible is definitely an easy read.

You can take this book to church, to school, to a study group, and to almost anywhere. With its beautiful cover design, teens will love to carry this book wherever they go.


  • Contains a beautiful satin ribbon marker
  • Complete and accurate text of the New International Version translation
  • Done in double-column format, also comes with a presentation page
  • Words of Jesus are printed in red
  • Lightweight, portable, and less than an inch thick
  • Leathersoft cover keeps the book flat on its back when open


  • The beautiful embossed cover is tough and scratch-resistant
  • A perfect Bible for traveling with just about the right size
  • Makes for a great gift item
  • Compact and can fit into a purse


  • Print may be too small for some readers
  • Gender-neutral translation
  1. NIV, True Images Bible. Leathersoft, Teal/Gold: The Bible for Teen Girls.

The Top 17 Best New International Version Bibles
This unique Bible contains challenging insights, advice, and some notes that may help teenage girls. It can help them build a close relationship with God.

This Bible is equipped with tools that can help girls navigate today’s issues with confidence and grace.

It also helps to be part of a list among the Best New International Version Bibles.


  • More than 300 “Genuine” notes speak on the value of being authentic with true inner beauty.
  • It contains in-depth introductions that expand on the context of both old and new testaments.
  • Complete an accurate New International Version (NIV) translation
  • Includes 12 magazine-style quizzes that make the reader learn more about themselves.
  • In focus, notes talk about the Bible’s perspective on cultural topics like:
  • Spiritual growth, popularity on social media, eating disorders, perfectionism, relationships, pornography, sex, prayer, bullying, self-harm, and the like.
  • 500 “Dare to Believe” challenges help girls know God’s truth about life.
  • “Christianity 101” reintroduces girls to the basics of being a Christian.


  • Very attractive cover and outer gold edging with beautiful illustrations inside.
  • Uses real-life situations and practical advice to touch the lives of girls that gear them toward a Bible-inspired life.
  • Makes for a great gift item
  • Even boys can read and learn from the extra features of this Bible.


  • Some of the cultural topics maybe a little too much for some girls who are still very young.
  • Some readers disagree with the additional talking points calling it an unnecessary addition to the Bible.
  1. NIV, Life Application Study Bible, Personal Size, Bonded Leather, Black, Indexed.

The Top 17 Best New International Version Bibles

This application study Bible has more than 10,000 application notes on the scriptures for practical purposes.

Through this Bible, you can learn from stories of known Bible characters by studying their accomplishments and mistakes. You can also learn from their strengths and weaknesses.

The tools contained in this Bible will make you see how God’s word is related to your life today. From Genesis to Revelation this Bible will shed light via verse-by-verse commentary.


  • Over 10,000 in-text application notes, 100 character profiles, and 16 pages of full-color maps.
  • Contains dictionary -concordance
  • Complete and accurate text of the New International Version translation
  • This book is also thumb-indexed to makes finding books easier.


  • Since it is NIV it is easy to use and understand.
  • It contains detailed footnotes that provide great insight into each verse.
  • This book is generic not gender-specific as it would apply to both men and women.
  • Has the features of a personal size bible coupled with all the features of a study Bible.


  • Thumb tabs weren’t specific to each chapter but instead grouped the chapters into sections.
  • Print might be too small for some readers.

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  1. NIV, The Woman’s Study Bible, Hardcover, Full-Color: Receiving God’s Truth for Balance, Hope, and Transformation.

The Top 17 Best New International Version Bibles
Designed to speak directly to a woman’s heart, this book’s special features are seen throughout the text.

These features show Scripture-based insights on how a woman can become godly through following Christ.

This Bible contains the contribution of more than 80 women from several denominational backgrounds.

With the work of distinguished editors Dorothy Kelley Patterson and Rhonda Harrington Kelley, this Bible has sold over 1.5 million copies.


  • Contains biographical portraits of over 100 biblical women
  • Very attractive colors and design from cover to cover
  • Has thousands of extensive verse-by-verse study notes, and 300 articles on relevant issues right inside the text.
  • This book contains essays of great insights by experts in biblical studies, theology, philosophy, and archeology.


  • The commentary is easy to understand, encouraging, and even empowers women
  • Great gift item
  • Beautiful aesthetics coupled with comprehensive and insightful information makes it a sought-after book.


  • Too conservative for some readers. The book describes homosexuality as an aberration.
  • Paper is very thin
  1. Every Man’s Bible NIV, Deluxe Heritage Edition, Tu Tone (LeatherLike, Brown/Tan)-Study Bible for Men with Study Notes, Book Introductions, and 44 Charts.

The Top 17 Best New International Version Bibles
This Bible addresses issues that most men struggle with. Thousands of notes can be found on work, taking risks, money management, raising children, and even intimacy.

This Bible is created to show men that Scripture is relevant in all issues that he encounters in every stage of his life.

As far as the Best New International Christian Bibles go, this book serves the need of men for upliftment.

This is done by providing affirmations and producing uplifting content according to His will.


  • It contains relevant study notes which help men get a better perspective on verses.
  • Complete and accurate text on the New International Version (NIV) translation
  • He focuses on two of the most important relationships in a man’s life, his relationship with God, and his relationship with a woman.
  • An easy to read Bible with introductions and 44 charts


  • A Bible with great looking leather cover.
  • This book contains timely and relevant topics that can potentially change a man’s life.
  • Bible lays down flat when it is opened
  • Breaks everything down in simple understandable language.


  • Very thin pages, print is almost vaguely seen on the other side.
  • Emasculated text due to political correctness. Taking away from the actual meaning of the word text.
  • For example, 1st Chronicles 11:10 replaces “mighty men” with “mighty warriors”, effectively doing away with the gender.
  1. NIV, Discoverer’s Bible, Large Print, Hardcover.

The Top 17 Best New International Version Bibles
This is a storybook Bible created for children to engage and encourage them to transition to a full-text bible later. They can use it at home, at church, or at school.


  • Contains a 30 color page of major Bible scenes
  • The complete text of the New International Version translation
  • Has a built-in presentation page for an option to personalize and give as a gift.
  • 11 points large print


  • It makes such an interesting read for the kids with its large print and full-color pictures. Even adults can enjoy it.
  • Awesome gift item
  • Good quality materials used
  • It does well with girls or boys.


  • Half a nude photo of Adam and Eve which was taken from real humans seems inappropriate.
  • Words of Christ not in red
  1. NIV, Student Bible Hardcover.

The Top 17 Best New International Version Bibles
This book supplements the Scriptures with information on topics such as Salvation, Ambition, Conversion, Comfort, and many more.

This book has over 6 million copies sold. It is also being constantly redesigned and updated for the young generation of students wanting to walk with God.


  • Complete and accurate text of the New International Version (NIV) translation.
  • Contains book intros and overviews
  • This book takes you on a Guided Tour through the Bible


  • It contains a wealth of information, explanations, and footnotes, all the while not departing from the original message of the verse.
  • A great book to use by beginners in Christianity
  • The additional info is periodically updated and relevant to today’s spiritual challenges and religious landscape.
  • A good-sized carry around bible


  • Too Small Print
  • The New edition has too many glaring changes from the older edition, The user then ends up going back to the old edition for purposes of consistency.


Overall, this Best New International Version Bibles list has been very comprehensive and even somewhat competitive.

It is fascinating to note that each has its own strengths and disadvantages.

However, what is important is that each item gets to match the needs of any person who is looking to improve his or her relationship with God.

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