The Top 19 Proven Ways To Trust God Completely

Trust in God completely, this is what many people say, but unless your faith in God is structurally sound, it is difficult to maintain that belief in difficult times.

When we do something, we need to learn how to have faith in God completely. If we don’t, we will most likely get into trouble the next time a test or trial comes our way.

 We may be free from worry and fear or make wrong decisions that can hurt us and cause greater stress.

Doubts kill faith. That is why we must learn how to trust God completely so that he will show us how to deal with any storms that come our way.

Trusting God in all circumstances is exactly what God wants us to do. Proverbs 3: 5 says: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

So how do we trust God, even in difficult times with all our hearts? Here are 19 proven ways on how to completely trust God:


  1. Surrender yourself and all your troubles to God:

When you realize that you can receive supernatural strength from above, your view of life changes.

You can move from worry to worship by realizing that God controls every situation in your life.

Let Him be your master and everything in your life. Once you trust God, even in difficult times, He will take over the battle and give you victory.

  1. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts:

Your thoughts are potent and can affect your mood, attitude, and even your actions.

So, instead of thinking negative thoughts that will bring you down, think about positive scriptures that will uplift you.

You can do this by declaring your favorite bible verses continually.

Proverbs 3:5-6 says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your path.”

Repeat the positive verse until your negative thoughts are replaced by God’s peace, which no man can comprehend.

  1. Ask God for the spirit of patience:

God is never later. He will always be by your side during your trials. He will never let you down. In the meantime, you must learn how to have faith in God completely because your faith will be tested.

During the trials, you must trust in God completely and ask Him to release the spirit of patience upon you. He knows the best for you. Remember, God is never late; He always shows up on time.

  1. Have Confidence in God’s word:

True Christians believe in the word of God. “For this reason, we also thank God without ceasing, because when you received the word of God which you heard from us, you welcomed it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which also effectively works in you who believe.” 1Thessalonians 2:13.

The true believer does not seek an explanation from “Philosophy and futile deception according to human tradition, according to the prototype of the world”, Colossians 2:8, “What does the word of God says?” (Romans 4: 3)

If we carefully examine the nature of the scripture, we can see that our Lord Jesus Christ, who regards Himself as the truth, is one with His Word.

The apostle John wrote of the LORD Jesus: “The word became flesh and a dwelling among us” (John 1:14).

John also pointed out that on his second coming, the Lord Jesus Christ declared his name to be “the word of God” (Revelation 19:13).

So when we ask, “What does the scripture say?” (Galatians 4:30), we are really asking, “What does the Lord Jesus Christ say?”

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  1. Don’t rely on yourself:

We live in a world where we have to earn trust and it seems to be in short supply. But Solomon, the famous king who wrote Proverbs, knew that trust is the starting point: “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

Many of us are going through difficult times that have made us to rely on our own understanding. But, we must trust God, even in difficult times so that He can fight our battle for us.

We can know in our minds that he has all wisdom: “Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!” Romans 11:33.

But sometimes it’s hard to trust in God completely when we are passing through trials. Therefore, we must consciously set aside our plans and expectations for Him to have His way in our lives.

Trust God Completely

  1. Cry out to God:

Trusting God in all circumstances begins with our lips and thoughts. We need more than just a commitment to trust in God completely. We need to cry out to Him to show our commitment. “Recognize him in all your ways, and he will make your path straight.” Proverbs 3: 6

When we pray, we admit that his path is higher than ours. We show that we have left our worries, burdens, and dreams in his capable hands.

In fact, the Bible promises that if we pray to him, he will hear our voice: “In the evenings, mornings, and noon I cry out in distress, and he heard my voice.” Psalm 55:17

We have given him the key to our life, and we know that he can guide us. But for it to work, we have trust in God completely.

  1. Put God first:

Putting yourself first is the easiest. When something good happens, we want to congratulate ourselves. When something terrible happens, we want to comfort ourselves or find someone to blame.

In other words, we often have an “egocentric” starting point. When it comes to money, the fight is more complicated.

Solomon, the wisest and richest man who ever lived knows that his money does not belong to him: “Honor the Lord with your possessions, And with the first fruits of all your increase; So your barns will be filled with plenty, And your vats will overflow with new wine.” Proverbs 3:9–10

If we can trust in God completely with our wealth, we are truly showing our dependence on Him. Although it takes a lot of faith, doing so means putting God first.

  1. Listen to the Holy Spirit:

When Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit into the church, he told his disciples that this Counselor would be their spiritual compass or GPS: “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you. The Holy Spirit is our guidance as we go through each day. That said, we don’t have to be alone, and we don’t have to hope that we will get it right.” John 14:26

No, the Holy Spirit brings us into all truths and protects us: “That good thing which was committed to you, keep by the Holy Spirit who dwells in us.” (1 Timothy 1:14.)

Finally, the Holy Ghost gift to the believers reminds us that we can completely trust God.

  1. Rest in the love of God:

In difficult times, we sometimes wonder if God cares. Why is something terrible happening? Where is God when I need Him?

Solomon reminds us that God will never rest or forsake us to fend for ourselves: For whom the Lord loves He corrects, just as a father the son in whom he delights.” Proverbs 3:12

Even during the turmoil, God stays with us and uses these challenges to shape us. When we understand this, our perspective will change completely.

We no longer see setbacks as failures. We see them as moments when God works in us as our loving Father.

Therefore, we can trust God completely with all our hearts. He takes care of us every day and gives us everything we need to flourish. He is never tired of blessing us.

  1. Trust in his character:

Trusting God’s character even when you don’t understand His actions is another way to trust in God completely.

God does not ask or require that we fully understand Him or understand everything he does. If he wanted us to know everything we need to know, he could have revealed it to us.

Instead, God gave us all the truth we need to know about Him and His word. Therefore, we are humbly called to trust God completely based on this revelation. Romans 9:20; Deuteronomy 29:29; Romans 11:33

The Bible clearly shows that God’s character is perfect. So when we think about the unclear reality in the Bible, this must be our starting point.

We should not strictly question God’s actions based on our limited views of goodness, love, justice, and righteousness. We should rather learn how to have faith in God completely. He will define for us what is good, loving, righteous, and just.

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  1. Trust in its control:

What does it cost us to put our lives, our plans, our loved ones, our desires, our future, our finances, our careers… into His hands? What do we have to give up in order to give in to His control?

These two parts of the Bible encourage us to trust in God completely and place everything in His hands. All of his instructions are trustworthy. ”

Psalm 111: 7. “The works of His hands are verity and justice; All His precepts are sure.” Trusting God in all circumstances is proof that we trust in His control.

  1. Trust God Completely for His Care:

Do you believe God is good? If not, why? Why would you allow this one issue to affect your willingness to trust His care?

When should we completely trust God for his care?

Isaiah 50:10 says: “Who among you fears the Lord? Who obeys the voice of His Servant? Who walks in darkness and has no light? Let him trust in the name of the Lord and rely upon his God.”

We must not make it an option to trust in God completely and we should not allow anything derails us from trusting God in all circumstances.

The common thought is that if we follow the rules, everything will go smoothly. Nothing is far from the truth. Letting go and trusting God in all situations is the only way to fulfill our destiny.

As humans, we always want to be in control. We believe that we can control our destiny by carefully planning and doing things according to our plan.

The truth is, we cannot control our destinies. We control our actions, but not necessarily the results of those actions.

For example, a person may choose the right diet and exercise every day, but still can, after all, suffer from chronic or life-threatening illnesses.

Is it because that person did something wrong? Absolutely not! On the other hand, other people who do not have a proper diet or exercise live up to 100 years, without any health disorder.

We can say that this is unfair, but those who stick to the rules should be rewarded.

God’s way is not our way. God doesn’t work according to our carefully crafted plan.

As human beings, there is nothing we can do to change God’s plan for our lives. Only when we let go and completely trust Him can we receive rewards.

  1. Make a decision:

From waking up to sleeping, we are faced with the task of making decisions. Some decisions require only thought, while others require focus, courage, and exceptional strength.

When making difficult decisions, it can be overwhelming to act alone. We need to trust God, even in difficult times so that He can fight the battle for us.

Letting go and trusting in God in all situations requires enormous strength and courage. In 2 Timothy 1: 7 (NKJV), the Bible says: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

Our love for God enables us to trust Him with the most critical decisions. The bold spirit he has given us allows us to go to Him with all our problems and challenges. Trusting God in all circumstances is our way of telling Him we believe in His plan and purpose for our lives.

When we succumb to Almighty God, the difficult choices become trivial. He will provide the tools necessary to clear the indecisive fog and show us the way out.

His hands are stretched, and his ears are always opened to our cries for help. If a decision threatens to topple your ship, please reach out to him. He is your father.

  1. Facial fear:

Each of us faces dire situations from time to time. Psychology Today describes fear as “an important response to physical and emotional dangers”.

Perceived threats usually cause fear. Some people suffer from extreme anxieties (called phobias) that limit their activities and relationships with others.

The Bible assures us in both the Old and New Testaments that if we trust in God completely, we do not need fear.

In Deuteronomy 31: 8 (NKJV), God assured the Israelites with these words: “And the Lord, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.”

Don’t be afraid, don’t be discouraged. Those words still apply to us today. Once we learn how to have faith in God completely, we won’t be discouraged.

No matter how frustrating the situation is, just seek the face of God. Remember his promise in His Word, “Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7 NKJV).

The word of God is eternal, be cheerful, and do not be afraid.

  1. Embrace the silence:

It is often tempting to share all of our knowledge, sometimes even what we think we know. However, the Bible speaks of the danger of talking too much.

The tongue according to the scriptures, can cause a lot of damage.

To let go and trust God, even in difficult times; we need to spend a lot of time in silence. Only in these quiet moments can we hear God’s speech.

We cannot listen to when we are speaking.

The Bible speaks of speaking hastily without any facts. The Bible in Proverbs 17:28 (NKJV) says, “Even a fool is counted wise when he holds his peace; when he shuts his lips, he is considered perceptive.”

Let go of your desire to speak impulsively and let God lead you to say what He wants you to do.


  1. Prayer and Praise:

The Bible directs us to ask God for anything we want, and we will receive it. But many of us have stories about things we have asked and not received.

We must remember that God is not an elf who will grant all our wishes.

He knows what is best for us and will only give us the best. Whenever we pray for something, we just have to let go and completely trust God to grant our wish according to His plan.

In the book of 1 Kings 3: 5, God said to Solomon, “Ask anything that I should give you.” Solomon could have asked for wealth or power, but instead, he asked for “a discerning heart” (1 Kings 3: 9).

Because of this wise and selfless request, he receives way beyond his request. Likewise, as we pray, we must remember that our request must first glorify God, not ourselves.

We should not forget to trust God, even in difficult times. When we trust Him, we will praise Him. When we praise Him, No matter how dark the situation is, he will show us the way out.

It may seem as if God has forgotten you at that particular moment, but He has given you victories over many such situations in the past.

Reflect on your past victories and praise him, knowing that He never changes. Whatever he did yesterday, he can do today, tomorrow, and forever.

Let go and completely trust God to see you through as you flood the gates of heaven with your praises.

  1. Have a Plan B:

No matter how detailed the plan is, things don’t always go according to plan. In this case, we need to consider Plan B. The apostle Paul faced such a situation as we read in the book of Acts 16:7-10.

Paul and the others wanted “to enter Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them to.” Instead, “Paul had a vision of a man of Macedonia standing and begging him to ‘Come over to Macedonia and help us’.” God had another plans for Paul.

Just as God led Paul into his divine purpose, he will do the same for those who give up their desires and believe in his divine purpose.

God wants us to be flexible so that He can make the best of us.

If we hold back in the least, we will miss the best of God. God’s plan B is better than our Plan A. I urged you to let go today and trust in God completely.

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  1. Be brave:

Bravery usually equates to aggression. However, as seen in the Book of Esther, bravery behavior can be achieved through meekness.

Esther was asked to risk his life and join the ranks of the king without an invitation. This is an act worthy of death.

After realizing how serious what she wanted to do was, she decided to let go of her fear and completely trust God with her life.

Esther called all the Jews to fast and pray for three days and three nights, and she also did the same. Esther 4:16 says, “And so I will go to the king, which is against the law; and if I perish, I perish!”

When faced with dangers, threats, and uncertainties, we need to share the same mentality. We all have to sacrifice ourselves, trusting God in all circumstances to see us through. No violence or aggression is required.

God will fight for us, and he will always give us the victory.

  1. Facing tough challenges:

Challenges are a normal part of our daily life. However, some severe challenges compel us to doubt whether God still exists.

In these situations, we need to console ourselves with God’s Word.

At this moment, you may not be able to feel or express joy, but you can gain peace by placing all of these feelings of despair on God’s capable shoulders.

The Psalm tells us that: “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who trusts in Him!” (Psalm 38: 4).

If you are seriously challenged, His goodness may not be obvious. Perhaps, if you think deeply about it, you will find out that the situation could have been worse.

Be grateful, no matter what. Trust God, even in difficult times. He is with you, He will protect you, and above all, supports you through all of this.

I hope these nuggets have encouraged you. Trust is not always easy for most of us. However, it is essential to note that God is not like a human, so he does not disappoint us.

He has promised to be with us till eternity. Let go and learn how to trust God completely!


It is not easy to completely trust God but it is essential to our relationship with God.

We find it difficult to trust God when times are tough and things aren’t going our way.

We doubt that God will come for us, we have no faith in his promise, and our endless pondering about the future worries us.

Anytime we are in these hopeless situations, these are the 19 proven ways on how to completely trust God that will always help us to trust in God completely.

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