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Top 8 Reasons Why You Need A Prayer Journal

Top 8 Reasons Why You Need A Prayer Journal

Why do you need a Prayer journal?

It is really important!  yes! And it’s about time you got one! Imagine how 70 years old you will feel reading through your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s prayer journals.

Reading how greatly you’ve grown in faith and trust in God, awesome yes?

Prayer Journal

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Start jotting down your prayer requests and praises. Your future self will thank you.  

According to Stormie Omartian in Prayer Journal: With Quotes prayer journals are a must-have!

This is especially so when working on your relationship with God. Any kind of prayer brings you closer to God, she says.

Writing it down is also a form of prayer that draws you closer to God. Write down your prayer requests. Write down your praises. Include dates!  Someday, you’ll be grateful you started today.

I want to share with you 8 Reasons Why You Need A Prayer Journal

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  • Be conscious of your environment. God is communicating!

A prayer journal is the best way to reveal and understand what God is communicating. Just like a diary, a prayer journal is personal unless stated otherwise by the owner.

By writing down your visions, dreams, prayer requests, and bible verses, you’re simply taking notice! Notice of what God is revealing in your life, says Jonathan Cahn in The Book of Mysteries Prayer Journal.

You, however, have to be conscious of what’s going on around you recommends Jonathan Cahn. This statement is supported by the book of Jeremiah in the Bible.

Jeremiah 33:3 says “Call to me and I will answer you and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known”.

Call on the Lord God Almighty today. While at it, remember he might use anyone to send a message. So be alert and don’t dismiss anyone.

Having a prayer journal comes in handy then. You get to jot down different messages you think are from God and pray for them. See why you need to hit the stores for your prayer journal? There’s more!

  • To Archive testimonies

In high school, your grades mattered. They determined whether you’d move to the next level or not, yes?

How do you know God has moved you from one level to the next? You might recognize some blessings and forget them the next day.

Writing in your Journal will assist you in planting your prayers to your permanent memory!  It then becomes evident that God has been working for you!

All those tears of doubt yet resilient faith and smart working have yielded blessings! Write down the blessings in your prayer Journal! Look back and mention the hardship you underwent.

Let this be a constant reminder that God’s timing is always the best and he answers prayers!

Reading your previous testimonies during adversity is the right kind of kick to get you fueled up, says Stormie Omartian in Prayer Journal: With Quotes

  • Cements your relationship  with God

You know how chatting with someone can get addictive? The stories keep rolling in and what was supposed to be a minute conversation becomes an hour, two or even three.

You’ve been there, yes?  Try doing this with God! Recommends Rae Shagalov in The Secret Art of Talking to God: 30 Day Creative Prayer Journal of Jewish Meditation (Holy Sparks Soul Journeys).

You’ll, however, need your prayer journal. Start writing to your creator! Let him know what you’re thinking about, how it’s going really anything you’d want to tell a friend.

A daily dose of that and your relationship with God is cemented concurs Stormie Omartian. You draw closer to someone you constantly communicate with.

 Allow that person to be Jesus and your life will forever be transformed she says. Seeing as we are in the digital age, you can have your journal online. It’s faster to encourage someone with your journal if need be. Your choice!

  • You’re able to treat and communicate with others better

Once you’re used to writing in your prayer journal, constantly, the same is reflected in your communication. You start texting better, not bitter messages.

Despite how much the other person deserves the bitter message. Talking to God using your prayer journal transforms you! Says Christi Given on her website It transforms you Inside out, she says.

All the wrong things that once used to matter start fading away. The constant jotting down God’s doing in your life fills you up with love and peace.

So much so that it overflows. It then becomes inevitable infecting others with Christ’s Love, peace, mercy, joy, and kindness. Try it out! This is a must experience feeling for all Christians.

  • A Prayer Journal Improves your spiritual life!

Are you ready for an incredible spiritual life? Your prayer journal will get you there!  According to  prayer journal strengthen your spiritual life in ways you never expected.

Reading how you once made God small in your life. How you doubted his strength to help you some time back.

And how God showed up when you least expected it has a way of improving your spiritual life.

Knowing that God has been there for you in the past, you continue trusting he’ll be there in your future too.

From your prayer journal, you realize God has always been with you, even when everything seemed stagnant. It’s impossible not to grow spiritually then, yes?

Remember: Everyone is on their own journey, their own mission. Don’t compare it to yours! Don’t benchmark prayer journals!


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  • Inspiration for others

A prayer journal is exactly what an individual on the other side of the world needs! They might be going through the same low moments you might have passed through at some point in life. They are probably trusting God for something great yet they keep doubting.

Reading your prayer journal online could be the one thing they need for strength encourages Flannery O’Connor.

 His book A Prayer Journal is all about sharing personal experiences to help your fellow beings. That’s how we pass on the faith to others. How we change souls and make the world a better place.

  • Brain Fitness

Prayer journal and brain fitness, how are the two even related?  Think creativity, straight to the point, and Alertness! That’s what keeping a prayer journal does to your brain.

The book of Mathew in the Bible highly encourages praying concisely. It’s amazing how God works, yes? Get brain fit today. Own a prayer journal!

  • Writing!

Remember how the bible came to be?  Keep writing in your prayer journal and who knows, it could be an awesome book in the making.  

If it’s not, at least you’ll have improved your writing skills. It’s a win-win for you! Says Flannery O’Connor  You’ll need God from the start to direct your steps.

Get closer and closer to God daily by writing in your journal.  Keep him in remembrance of his promises for your life and watch your life transform for the better.  Give it a try! Purchase a notebook and make it your prayer journal.

Some stores sell customized prayer journals. The Pray! Prayer Journal: Daily Steps toward Praying God’s Heart (Living the Questions) by Dean Ridings is a perfect example. The choice is yours.

The fruits will certainly be sweet! Unwind in your journal and you’ll constantly be grateful you did!