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Prayer Podcasts: The 20 Best Of 2022

Prayer Podcasts: The 20 Best Of 2022

To some of us, prayer is a way of life, but to other believers, it can be both mysterious and complicated.

Oftentimes, it is described as a Christian discipline, which makes it sound difficult or oppressive.

The truth is that prayer is a wonderful spiritual exercise that provides us with many benefits. These innumerable benefits go beyond the individual praying.

Meanwhile, there are several ways to pray – one of them is through podcasts. Perhaps you are looking for the best prayer podcasts?

If you are, look no further! In this article, I have compiled a list of the 20 Best Prayer Podcasts of 2022 just for you.

If you have never listened to a prayer podcast before, or just never discovered a very suitable one, I have got a great list of Christian prayer podcasts that you simply can’t resist.

Here are the Best Prayer Podcasts Of 2022

  1. Daily Audio Prayer

The Daily Audio Prayer is a podcast where you can pray with other believers who love to pray.

This podcast is also for you if you struggle to love praying even though you know it’s one of the most important things you must do as a Christian.

Meanwhile, the aim of the anchor Shawn Odendhal is to help you and go with you, as you are led into God’s presence through written prayers from believers from both past and present.

Through this prayer podcast, you will learn to pray through God’s, while focusing on God’s glory, His divine character; as well as His deep intense Interest in you. Knowing God is the key to victory and rest.

This prayer podcast does not just propel you to pray, it helps you to know God better. So make it a date with Shawn Odendhall to try out this great daily prayer podcast.

  1. Your Daily Prayer

God’s word tells us to bring our petitions and prayers before God and He will give us peace. Your Daily Prayer is a Podcast that brings you prayer and devotionals every morning by the team of women at Their objective is to help you start your day in conversation with God.

Moreover, these daily prayers are to help you find the right words to pray and focus your heart on the love of God daily. With, you can never go wrong with anything related to Christianity. So check this podcast out and you’ll no doubt see how inspiring the prayers are.

  1. Prayers of REST

In the Prayers of REST podcast, Asheritah Ciuciu, the Bible teacher and bestselling author will gently guide you in praying the Word of God through weekly episodes that are only 10 minutes in length.

Broadcasted live from Ohio, US daily, prayers of rest will help pray even when you are distracted; or if you feel too busy to spend time in prayer.

It’s also perfect for Christian women on the go. In sum, Prayers of REST will guide you in resting in God’s presence even amid busy days so you can find joy in God wherever you are.

  1. Time To Pray: Common Worship Day and Night Prayer

Time To Pray: Common Worship Day and Night Prayer are aired from England, UK by The Church of England. The Church of England has over 45 cathedrals and 16,000 churches serving every part of the United Kingdom and across Europe.

Its roots go back to the time of the Roman Empire when Christianity first entered the Roman province of Britain. Lastly, subscribers can tune in to listen to prayer audio daily to accompany ‘Time to Pray’ from the Church of England.

  1. Creating A Prayer Culture For God

Creating A Prayer Culture For God started gradually sometime in December 2018, after the anchor Lester Hayes received a cancer diagnosis. Afterward, he was divinely mandated to establish a Prayer Culture for God.

In February of 2019, Creating a Prayer Culture Phone line was officially launched. As of June 2019, after exactly 6 months of Chemotherapy, he was officially Cancer free. He accredited this testimony to Creating a Prayer Culture line.

After nearly one year of a successful Prayer Culture phone line, Lester and his wife, Sharon have now developed this powerful prayer podcast to what it is now.

Meanwhile, they focus primarily on praying, teaching, and preaching the Gospel of Christ using sound doctrine, without compromise, but with love.

  1. Imagine: A Guide to Jesuit Prayer

Imagine: A Guide to Jesuit Prayer is a podcast by Tucker Redding. Daily, he guides you through a unique kind of prayer called Ignatian Contemplation.

In it, you can use your imagination to see as well as interact with various scenes from the Bible. The different series of this podcast will help you engage with God’s Word through prayer in a new way daily.

  1. Just Praying

Just Praying is a podcast that comes with powerful prayers and daily inspiration to keep you going through life’s journey. Believers prayers to stay grounded and to draw closer to God.

So you can take a few minutes daily to spend time with God in prayer. Summarily, this podcast will help you develop a relationship with God; and start each day with gratitude through prayer.

  1. Prayers of Power

Prayer liberates everyone who chooses to believe the Lord. Do you want to be free from your bondages or surrender to the will of the Holy Spirit?

Prayers of Power is a Christian prayer podcast that’s dedicated to empowering the church, especially new believing Christians who plan to grow spiritually through the act of prayer.

Secondly, this podcast is meant to uplift all who seek God for an answer. Additionally, it is for those who are keen on receiving their deliverance through prayer.

  1. The Voice of Prayer

The Voice of Prayer is a podcast that serves to encourage you into developing an active prayer life; as well as an intimate relationship with God as you communicate with Him daily.

As a subscriber, you only get to spend a few minutes of your day in heartfelt prayer through this podcast.

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  1. Common Prayer Daily

Common Prayer Daily is not just one of the best prayer podcasts; it features a modernized version of an ancient kind of prayer idea. This podcast brings you a guided tour of the Bible and Prayer daily.

So set aside 10 to 15 minutes of your time each day, grab a cup of coffee and your Bible; and enjoy a guided prayer and meditation on God’s Word with Common Prayer Daily.

  1. Peace Prayer Project Podcast

The Peace Prayer Project Podcast aims to build a body of believers who pray for peace amid global conflict hot spots.

Their objective is to help you exercise your faith and authority in the name of Jesus Christ to enforce peace by binding Satan; releasing the hosts of heaven to turn violent situations around.

Meanwhile, the concept of this prayer podcast is to help you grow in God’s Word in the area of faith, dominion, love, and to experience peace in your daily life.

  1. Storming the Gates

Storming the Gates is a podcast that helps find reassurance through God’s Word. Through the daily prayer series, you can gain spiritual battle strategies for your life.

Your heart will also be mended and your soul revived. Together with other participants you will pick up your sword, put on your armor, and head out to battle against the enemy.

  1. The Prayer Altar Ultimate Collection

The Prayer Altar Series proudly presents live audios of both prayers and sermons as the Prophet Dorn preaches at various locations across the U. S. Are you a lover of prayer, the Prophetic, and God’s Word?

Then the Prayer Altar Prime Time is just for you. One, it will encourage as well as empower you to make each new day a very victorious one. Two, you’ll be consecrated to build a strong relationship with God, as well as become an intercessor through the Prayer Altar.

  1. The Prayer Garden

The Prayer Garden is a weekly Christian podcast from St Peter’s Bethnal Green – an eclectic church community in the heart of East London. It’s a haven that provides you with everything you need to pray throughout the week.

Interestingly, their podcast only takes 10 minutes of your time in guided prayers to find peace and meet personally with God. During these, you will discover prayers, psalms, beautiful music, and a great opportunity to reflect as you listen.

  1. Praying Scripture

Praying Scripture is a great prayer podcast that supplies you with prayer, worship, and a psalm. As you pray God’s Word together with other participants you will without a doubt grow in your prayer life.

This is because God will use the time you spend to direct your heart in your circumstances and answer those prayers in mighty ways.

In every episode also, you’ll be able to pray and worship too.

The aim of the anchor is that as you pray you’ll fall more deeply in love with the Lord whose Word you are praying.

  1. Encouraging Prayer

Through the Encouraging Prayer podcast, you’ll not only find practical, but Scripture-based help to encourage you as you pray.

The podcast includes information on the host’s latest books, projects, videos, daily devotionals, and much more. The summary of it all with this podcast is that good things await as you pray.

  1. Into the Pray

The aim of Nick and Mairi Franks, the hosts of “Into the Pray” is to breach the chaos of the church through prayer. Especially in this phrase in the Body of Christ where we all need to acknowledge that there is both a problem and a stunningly blessed hope.

This podcast is also perfect for you if you are sick and tired of mere church spirituality. It’s perfect for those gagging for the coming of Jesus – like I hope you are.

In a nutshell, this podcast is a timely prescription for every spiritually minded believer whose intention is to make heaven.

  1. Praying in the Rain

Praying in the Rain Podcast features reflections on the Inner Life from Michael Gillis. Daily, he reflects on the inner life of Orthodox Christians.

Furthermore, drawing on the wisdom of both ancient and contemporary churches, Michael ponders on the struggles, the ironies, as well as the disciplines of the spiritual life.

This is one prayer podcast that you will definitely love if you are of the Orthodox denomination.

  1. Morning Prayer and Worship

Participants join Ben Ward in the Morning Prayer and Worship podcast as he prays, sings, and worships.

In each session, a Psalm and Bible passage from the Daily Office in the Book of Common Prayer is read. You will also be led to recite the Lord’s prayer and Apostles’ Creed as you pray for yourself and others, as well as give thanks to Jesus.

  1. Warfare Prayers Podcast-The Morning Prayer

Warfare Prayers Podcast-The Morning Prayer is one great Christian podcast for warfare prayer lovers. You can join the Morning Prayer Podcast every weekday morning at 7:00 am.

Daily, Pastor Derrick Crosby takes participants on guided morning prayers to enrich their prayer lives. So you can stay inspired by morning prayers, and Bible readings that will keep you motivated to seek after God; and encouraged to remain in His presence.

In addition, your faith will be strengthened as you follow the leading of the Holy Spirit daily through these prayers.

The overall objective of Pastor Crosby is that you will see God’s power and glory; feel His love and grace, sense the peace and presence of God in your heart as you listen to this morning prayer/devotional podcast.

In conclusion

The benefits of prayer can’t be overemphasized, neither can it be exhausted. It helps us find direction in life, as it can prevent us from falling into temptation and making wrong decisions.

Through it, we learn to submit to God’s will. The above best prayer podcasts of 2022 are the favorite Christian podcasts everyone should be listening to!

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