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Top 12 Best Prayer Journals for Women 2023

Top 12 Best Prayer Journals for Women 2023

A prayer journal for women will help you to reflect on the word, walk with God, and strengthen your faith.

If you want to develop the discipline of approaching God daily, a women’s devotional prayer journal is a must.

It will help you to immerse yourself in His word every morning.

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In a prayer journal, you can write down your feelings, cares, and worries, leaving them to Jesus.

Unlike verbal prayer, journaling makes it possible for you to approach Jesus one-on-one. The more you pour out your heart to Him, the closer you grow.

You will trust Him more and learn to approach Him whenever you have a problem. With time, you will learn to share your frustrations instead of holding them in.

God’s perspective will become more apparent to you, illuminating your life like never before.

How Do You Make A Simple Prayer Journal?

Prayer journaling makes it easier for you to enter into meaningful dialogue with God every day. You can remember what God is speaking to you about by going back to the journal.

Here is a quick guide on how to start a personalized prayer journal.

  1. Start writing. Write about anything close to your heart. Jot prayers, poems, burdens, goals, joys, delights, and so on. Write down a scripture you just read or a song. You are free to write anything you feel God is speaking to you about.
  2.  Make it regular but not out of obligation. You can choose the journaling frequency. Do you want to do it daily, weekly, or fortnightly? It is up to you. Importantly, you shouldn’t do it as an obligation or duty. Instead, look at it as a friend who can help you to improve your life.
  3.  Record and date your prayer requests. With that, you can go back to your prayer request and see how God faithfully answered them. Your faith in prayer will grow. You will also take note of requests requiring more prayer.
  4.  Record the answers by God to your prayers. You will realize how faithful God is in answering your prayers. Your spiritual life will grow, and you will learn to listen to God.
  5.  Write Bible verses that speak intimately to your heart. During prayer, you will realize how easily God can guide you during decision-making through scripture.

How Do I Set Up My Prayer Journal?

You have just bought the first daily devotional journal. How do you set it up? Collect all the things you will need to regularly write the journal.

You may want to get some colored pencils or pretty pens. Make sure you have a dedicated pencil bag in which you will be carrying them.

Buy some white-out or eraser to correct the mistakes you might make. That way, you can make corrections without crossing out entire sentences.

You may also need to include a ruler in your kit. Its purpose of help you draw neat lines like those in a prayer tracking calendar.

Benefits of Prayer Journals for Women

Prayer journals offer numerous benefits to women in their spiritual journey. Here are key advantages of using prayer journals:

  • Enhanced Spiritual Growth:

Prayer journals provide a dedicated space for women to deepen their connection with God.

Through regular reflection and communication with Him, they can experience personal growth, spiritual insight, and a strengthened faith.

  • Self-Reflection and Self-Awareness:

Journaling allows women to express their thoughts, emotions, and desires honestly.

It promotes self-reflection, helping them gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their struggles, and their hopes. This introspection can lead to personal transformation and a stronger sense of identity.

  • Increased Focus on Prayer:

Writing prayers in a journal helps women focus their thoughts and intentions.

It provides a structured approach to prayer, preventing distractions and enabling them to communicate with God more effectively and purposefully.

  • Record-Keeping and Gratitude Practice:

Prayer journals serve as a record of women’s spiritual journey and the prayers they have offered.

They can document answered prayers, personal milestones, and expressions of gratitude. Reviewing past entries helps them recognize God’s faithfulness and provision in their lives.

  • Encouragement and Inspiration:

Prayer journals become a source of encouragement and inspiration. Women can revisit past entries during challenging times to be reminded of God’s faithfulness and the prayers He has answered.

These reflections can provide renewed hope and confidence in His plans for their lives.

  • Emotional Release and Processing:

Writing prayers and pouring out emotions in a journal can be therapeutic. Women can express their joys, sorrows, fears, and frustrations in a safe and private space.

This practice allows them to process their emotions, find comfort, and experience emotional healing through their connection with God.

  • Personalized and Creative Expression:

Prayer journals offer freedom for personalization. Women can customize their journals with scriptures, artwork, colors, or other creative elements that resonate with their spirituality.

This creative expression adds a unique touch to their prayer experience and deepens their engagement with God.

Prayer journals will provide a tangible and intentional way for women to communicate with God, seek His guidance, express their hearts, and grow in their faith.

They become valuable tools in their spiritual journey, fostering a deeper relationship with God and bringing peace, clarity, and transformation to their lives.

How Do I Choose The Best Prayer Journal for Women?

The best prayer journal isn’t necessarily anything fancy. Prayer journal ideas could be a simple notebook or one brought from a bookstore. If you want a specially designed prayer journal, then you may consider the following:

  1. Size. Prayer journals come in different sizes. For instance, you may want a 6 x 8.25 journal – the smaller size. Or, you may prefer the larger size 7.5 x 10. You have to make up your mind on that.
  2. Binding. The binding of the prayer journal also matters. Some people are so much in love with the spiral-bound variety. Others, not so much. Which one do you prefer?
  3. Paperweight. The weight of the paper used may affect the neatness of your work. A thin paper looks untidy when used to write on both sides.
  4. The thin paper also tends to tear off easily when combing through. That’s why thicker paper is better.
  5. The cover. Prayer journal books may come with different cover quality. Some have sturdy covers, while others aren’t that great. The choice is upon you. If you want a journal you can use anywhere, then buy one with a sturdy cover.

Now let’s review the top 12 Best Prayer Journals for Women.

  1. Prayer Journal for Women: 52-Week Scripture, Devotional & Guided Prayer Journal.

 Image Name

One of the best Prayer Journal for Women is a massive book measuring 8 x 10 inches in dimension. It is a 52-week journal that covers the whole year.

For each week, you get four full pages. That means a page each for scripture and reflection as well as two pages for journaling.

When any of your prayers get answered, you will record them in a particular tracker space. Each page has illustrations by the author, even though some are made by Shannon Roberts, an artist.


  • Verses organized thematically
  • A large-sized journal
  • Features original illustrations


  • Sections are too small
  • Lacks space for writing a daily prayer
  • Too little color inside
  1. Prayer Journal for Women: A Christian Journal with Bible Verses to Celebrate God’s Gifts with Gratitude, Prayer, and Reflection.

 Image Name

Looking for a prayer journal specifically designed for women? Well, this is it. The journal features a minimalist layout that is easy to customize.

You can write personal, family & friends, and community prayer requests. There is space to record things you want to thank God for.

Another section allows you to write sermon notes, bible study notes, memorized Bible verses, answered prayers, inspirational quotes, and bible study notes.


  • Spiral-bound hardback
  • Includes several handwritten scriptures
  • Includes a total of 180 pages


  • Lacks space for daily journaling
  • It May prove too costly
  • A small-sized journal

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  1. My Prayer Journal: A 3-month Guide to Prayer, Praise, and Thanks: Modern Calligraphy and Lettering.

 Image Name

You might require a prayer journal that covers only a few months of the year. This three-month guide to prayer falls in that category.

It measures 8 x 10, a perfect size for someone in need of lots of writing space.

The journal is available both as a paperback and a spiral-bound book. With that, you can choose the binding that perfectly works for you. Use it daily to grow closer to God.


  • The cover has a premium matte finish
  • The interior is a high-quality stock
  • Features a modern, trendy layout


  • The spiral-bound variety is too costly
  • Doesn’t offer much guidance
  • Mainly a prayer log
  1. The Prayer Map for Women (Faith Maps).

 Image Name

Need a prayer map for your life? If you want to fully immerse yourself in the power of prayer, then you must buy this journal.

It is designed to create a unique map to follow while talking to God. On each page, you can write your ideas, lists, thoughts, and so on.

The space for the date is critical when it comes to reflecting back to answered prayer. Use it to pray regularly and be closer to God.


  • Flat-laying spiral binding
  • Two-color interiors
  • Includes prompted sections


  • No variety inside
  • Cover not hard enough
  • Space not enough
  1. The Sweet Sweet Spirit of the Lord: A 6-Month Prayer Journal and Planner for Women.

 Image Name

Looking for an effective way to plan your prayers? Want to reflect better during your quiet time with God?

The Sweet Sweet Spirit of the Lord Journal will draw you closer to God, and you make plans for your weeks and days.

Its nine sections are specifically meant to draw you closer to God in a unique way.

For instance, you will find notes, gratitude, answered prayers, scripture readings, and other sections.


  • Bible verses for each week
  • A great layout
  • High-gloss cover design


  • Small-sized
  • Includes only 108 pages
  • Lack of variety inside
  1. My Bible Study Journal: A Creative Christian Workbook: A Simple Guide to Journaling Scripture.

 Image Name

If you want a specially designed prayer journal for women, this is it. You will get space for a three-month continuous daily journaling.

Each page is laid out in the Notes & Reflection, Scripture, and Prayer & Praise sections.

Thus, you can write a scripture you want to memorize as well as reflections on it. You can then write a prayer based on what you have learned from the scripture.


  • A 3-month daily prayer journal
  • Features a simple design
  • A pretty cover


  • Not a hardcover
  • It May contain miss-printed pages
  • Only 108 pages
  1. My War Room Prayer Journal: A Prayer Journal for Women of God.

 Image Name

Every woman needs a war room where she can hold meaningful prayer sessions. While there, it also makes a lot of sense to record your prayers.

That’s why you need this prayer journal. Good thing, you can carry the prayer book with you wherever you go.

When your prayers are backed up with scripture, they will definitely be answered. There is no better way to stretch your faith.


  • A compact, portable journal
  • Beautiful flowery cover
  • No layout restrictions


  • Some may find it too small
  • Not a hardback
  • Only 96 pages3
  1. Strength and Dignity Flex-cover Journal – Proverbs 31:25.

 Image Name

Want to start your day on a cheerful note? The Strength and Dignity Flex-cover Journal is what you need.

It is not just meant for use at home, but you can take it with you to Bible study or church.

You will learn to lean on the Lord always, thanks to the Proverbs 31:35 scripture reference. It features a gloss cover with a total of 128 lined pages.


  • Features a glossy cover
  • Made in a convenient size
  • A total of 128 pages


  • Smaller in size
  • Only one scripture reference
  • Has nothing but lines
  1. Christian Art Gifts Blue Faux Leather Journal.

 Image Name

How about a prayer journal with an elegant leather cover? This prayer journal features an inspirational scripture from Luke 1:45.

Inside, you can do basically anything – writing, sketching, and so on. It is a large-sized 400-page journal that won’t allow you to run out of writing space.

Keep your thoughts private using the zippered closure.


  • A convenient zippered closure
  • 400 pages
  • Has a ribbon page marker


  • Some may find the size too small
  • Only one Bible verse
  • The zipper is problematic
  1. The Weekly Prayer Project: A Challenge to Journal, Pray, Reflect, and Connect with God.

 Image Name

The best prayer journal is supposed to challenge you to pray, reflect, and draw closer to God.

With The Weekly Prayer Project, you get a collection of 52 scriptures, one for each week. You will get the opportunity to explore different Biblical types of prayer.

For example, a prayer of intercession, lamentation, thankfulness, and gratitude. As you reflect on the work of God in your life, you will grow closer to Him.


  • A Bible verse for each week
  • Contains different types of prayer
  • 144 pages


  • Not the largest size
  • Contains little writing space
  • More of a devotional book
  1. My Prayer Journal (Quiet Fox Designs) Inspiring, Faith-Based Guided Journal.

 Image Name

Want to grow intimately close to God? This lovely prayer journal is what you need. It is faith-based with inspiring scriptures and messages from the Bible.

The thoughtful questions and prompts are great when it comes to reflection and thinking. As you keep using it, you will find yourself growing closer to God.

It is the best way to develop hope, courage, and comfort.


  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Features a hardcover
  • Scriptures, thoughts, and prompts


  • Small-sized
  • Less writing space
  • Pages have spaces for the date

12: The Creative Prayer Journal: A 21-Day Prayer Challenge to Experiencing Meaningful Conversations with God.

 Image Name

Journaling doesn’t have to be a blunt, uninspiring experience.

The Creative Prayer Journal is designed to make it fun, creative, and more rewarding.

You will be exposed to up to 21 prompts and methods to talk with God. If it doesn’t rejuvenate your prayer life, just what would?

The good thing is that it is as good as a Sunday school guide to prayer. Each page contains a theme scripture to guide you through.


  • Makes prayer more interesting
  • A link to printable pages
  • A scripture on every page


  • Some sentences are not clear
  • Not much writing space
  • A small-sized journal


Probably, you are looking for the best christian prayer journal for women.

Whether it has to do with the size, binding, or other characteristics, our comprehensive list of journals has got you covered.

Carefully read through the reviews, pros, and cons to find what you want. Have a meaningful prayer life!

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