Top 32 Spiritual Warfare Books That Will Change Your Life

Spiritual warfare books will help you to know the enemy and how to victorious against him. If you are a true believer who lives in a world of darkness. ***This page contains affiliate links to products I recommend. If you purchase something from this page, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at …

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Bible Verses that will Change your Life

7 Bible Verses that will Change your Life

Sometimes we see our lives as a to-do-list and get trapped in our everyday routine. That is when we realize we have to do something: we have to change. “Yes, but where do I start?” The best way to start this process is by reading your Bible to know what Jesus says about you and …

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Top 11 WaJoy in your Christian Life

Top 11 Ways to Experience Joy in your Christian Life

You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. Psalm 16:11(NIV) How can you experience joy in your Christian life when bad things keep happening to you? Is it possible to live in joy with all that is happening around …

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Prayer Life

16 Steps For A More Powerful Prayer Life

Powerful prayer life is not by the length of time and the gymnastics, it is a spiritual engagement that produces tremendous results. Prayer is an act of communicating with God. Martin Luther opines that “to be a Christian without prayer is to be alive without breathing.” True prayer, according to Charles Spurgeon, prayer is “neither …

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8 Benefits Of Putting God First In Your Life

Putting God first in your life is the ticket to enjoying sweet fellowship with Him. The modern world is full of distractions that can seem like a tall order to many. So many things require our attention that we end up overlooking our relationship with God. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Not …

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Spiritual Habits That Will Transform Your Life

7 Spiritual Habits That Will Transform Your Life

Spiritual habits are pretty much similar to the everyday habits that we exhibit as individuals. Just like regular habits are the building blocks to changing our lives, spiritual habits help change our spiritual lives. Habits are powerful, they define your thoughts, words, and actions. Ultimately, they determine whether you end up as a failure or …

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