Abiding in the Lord

13 Proven Benefits of Abiding in the Lord

Abiding in the Lord is the secret to a successful Christian life. Why does the Bible admonish us to abide in the Lord? There are many reasons why people abide and will continue to abide in the Lord. If you abide in the Lord, then you will experience peace and happiness through prayer – a …

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Lord's Prayer?

Why Do We Say the Lord’s Prayer?

Why do we say the Lord’s Prayer? Every believer knows that PRAYER is the food of faith. The early Church believers called the Lord’s Prayer the perfect summary of the entire gospel. The heart of prayer is to invite God to make the kingdom a reality. Realizing this kingdom is the end of all needs, …

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Christians Say The Lord's Prayer

Why Do Christians Say The Lord’s Prayer?

Do you ever wonder why we say the Lord’s prayer? Perhaps some of you have grown up reciting the Lord’s Prayer in church. Maybe others of you have never heard it at all. Today, I want for us to reimagine prayer by looking at one of the most famous prayers – The Lord’s Prayer. Let’s …

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