Miracle Prayers for Healing

13 Powerful Miracle Prayers for Healing

Since the beginning of time, God has been in the business of miraculously healing people with diverse ailments. Undeniably, miraculous healings reveal firsthand, the incredible power of prayer. The entire Bible also speaks of miraculous healings through the work of Jesus Christ and faith in God.  Therefore, there is no doubt that our God is able …

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Healing from Emotional Abuse

15 Prayers For Healing from Emotional Abuse

Healing from Emotional Abuse is possible with prayer and trusting in God. Emotional abuse is very subtle, the effects are almost invisible in some cases. In other words, someone close to you might be suffering from abuse and you’ll not know except you look very closely. The evil of it is that it controls, demeans, …

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Prayers for Healing and Recovery From Surgery

15 Prayers for Healing and Recovery From Surgery

Prayers for Healing and Recovery from Surgery whether it’s a major or minor surgery. Having to undergo an operation can be very frightening for a lot of persons as this creates a lot of fear and anxiety. While there are improvements in medical science, the thought of the possibility of not waking up after this …

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