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13 Prayers for Unborn Baby with Problem

13 Prayers for Unborn Baby with Problem

Do you have an unborn baby with a problem? Read on for powerful prayers to turn this situation around.

Pregnancy is a very special phase in the life of every woman.

In the pleasant wait for a beautiful baby that is about to arrive in the world, unrepeatable sensations and experiences are experienced.

This stage of gestation includes numerous physical and hormonal alterations that can cause anguish and restlessness in the expectant mother.

In this situation, praying to God and having faith is extremely helpful. Whatever the harsh situation you are experiencing during pregnancy.

if you believe in God, you can entrust yourself to God and implore some prayers for an unborn baby with a problem.

1. Prayer for the Premature Baby.

Father, it is so difficult to have a premature baby and still have to see the tubes and drip attached to such a helpless little body.

God, it is so painful to see a newborn baby so small and have to fight for life in the world … instead of continuing its development secretly in its mother’s womb.

Father, I ask for the life of this child, and I pray that you give the doctors and nursing staff the ability and knowledge to know exactly what to do … so that this little life can grow and prosper and be returned in good health to the arms of his mother.

Father, You are good, and You are a Giver of health and fullness, and we defend the life of this little human being.

In His grace, we pray that this little premature baby will be covered by your grace and will be given the strength to fight against the obstacles he faces in these first days of his life.

Perform your miracle and lead us on your path of holiness to accept your holy wisdom that is infinitely greater than ours. Amen

2. Prayer for the Unborn Baby.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this precious child of mine. What a profound blessing this baby is for me!

Although you entrusted this little one to me as a gift, I know it belongs to you. I recognize that my baby will always be yours, and I trust in his protection in your hands.

Help me as a mother, Lord, with my weaknesses and imperfections.

Help me remember that my son is safe in your strong hands and eliminates all doubts about his care. Your love is perfect, so I can trust that your love and concern for this baby are even greater than mine. I know you’re going to protect my son.

Give me strength and divine wisdom to raise this child according to your Holy Word. Please provide everything I still need to strengthen my bond with you. Amen

3. Prayer to Calm the Frightened Baby.

I pray to God Our Lord to make a special request for my suffering baby. I ask for the intercession of divine light and the peace of God in my baby’s life.

May the light of God enter your heart and remove from it all the fears, all the scares, and all the terror that you may have. May the light of God erase from your memories all the evil and frightening things you have seen.

I pray that the light of God cleanses your body of all bad energies, all envies, and all evil that may negatively affect my baby. I count on God’s help to remove the fears, scares, and evil that may harm my baby.

Keep my son following the path that leads to eternal life. Help him to overcome the temptations of this world and the sin that would so easily involve him.

In the name of your son, blessed Christ, our Lord, I ask you to help me raise this unborn with love, respect, humility, commitment, and much joy. Amen.

4. Prayer for the Unborn Baby to Sleep Through the Night.

Dear Guardian Angel of my precious unborn baby, I pray to you today as a desperate mother so that you will help me to reach my love heart with a ray of light.

I ask you to protect my baby, to take care of him, to look after him, and never lose sight of him in the womb. I also ask you, dear Guardian Angel, to help you sleep better tonight, without nightmares and mishaps.

Take care of my son Guardian Angel, take care of his health, his well-being, and be with him during his night so that he can sleep serenely and in the peace of God.

I thank you for helping me and for always being by his side. Amen.

5. Gratitude Prayer for the Unborn Baby with a Problem.

Heavenly Father, I praise and thank You for allowing this life and for forming this child in Your image and likeness. Send Your Holy Spirit and light my womb.

Fill it with Your light, power, majesty, and glory, just as you did in Mary’s maternal womb to generate Jesus. Lord Jesus Christ, come, with Your love and Your infinite mercy, to pour out Your grace on this baby.

Prepare me, Lord, for motherhood, prepare us both for the change that will occur when our baby is born and help us keep very close to You and give You all the praise and glory.

Thank You, Father, for hearing my prayers. Amen.

6. Prayer of Protection for the Unborn Baby with a Problem.

God, Creator of all things. You said we should call unto you, and you will answer us. I come to you today with a contrite heart because of my unborn baby with a problem.

I humbly and ardently beseech you, Lord, to preserve and protect the child whom you have allowed me to conceive. Lord, I belong to you: keep me, defend me against the wiles and malice of Satan.

Lord, may your great goodness and your mighty mercy deliver me happily. May my child, the object of all my desires, come into the world in good and perfect health.

I pray he will serve you without ceasing and glorify you in all things. May he deserves, by your divine grace, to obtain eternal life at last. Amen

7. Prayer of Courage for the Unborn Baby with a Problem.

Father, a new life is growing inside me: a little one that will bring joy, hopes, and happiness to my home. Take care of him and protect him while I carry him in my womb!

When I hear his first sounds and see their little hands in the happy moment of birth, I can thank the Creator for the wonder of this gift, which He gives me.

Help me and inspire me so that he finds in me a refuge where he can take shelter and, at the same time, a starting point to take his paths.

Also, my God, pay special attention to those women who face this moment alone, without support or affection. May they feel the love of the Father and discover that every child that comes into the world is a blessing.

Let them know that the courageous decision to welcome and nurture the child is taken into account. Our Father and our God, give us your comfort and courage! Amen.

8. Prayer for an energetic growing boy.

Jesus, my Savior, you have blessed this family beyond measure by giving us this child that is developing in my womb. Father, I want to say thank you.

Lamentations 3 v 37— who says a thing, and it comes to pass unless I the Lord commands it.

This word reassured us that although the symptoms and scans showed it was an ectopic pregnancy, however, according to the word that God gave us definitely, we refused every pronouncement that was made, and today that pregnancy is an energetic growing boy.

I decree stability to the womb and balance to the placenta by the authority in the name of Jesus. Every pregnancy issue will be reverted to a testimony. Amen

9. Prayer against every evil attack on Your Pregnancy.

Father in Heaven, I thank you for entrusting this baby to me. I thank you for allowing me to shelter it. I thank you for allowing me to shelter this baby as my Mother sheltered me when she recognized my existence in the depths of her being.

Lord, protect us against any schemes of the devil that may cause me to lose my unborn child through miscarriage. For he that sit the secret place of the highest shall abide under the shadow of the almighty.

Psalm 91:1. Hide my baby, oh Lord, under your wings so that she can develop to maturity in my womb. Thank you for answering my prayer. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

10. Prayer of strength for the Unborn Baby with a Problem.

Mighty God, I need your strength at this moment because I am going through a moment of anxiety and anguish. My unborn baby is going through a challenge that’s beginning to get on my nerves.

The baby is not moving as it should, and the doctor’s report is negative. Lord, I hold on to your word this day that says: “Whose report shall you believe? I shall believe the report of the Lord”.

I implore you to allow me to continue the pregnancy and that my child grows up healthy, safe, without health or growth problems.

Grant me the miracle of being a mother under your protection because it was you who gave me the blessing that I carry in my womb today. Amen

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10. Prayer to calm the restless Baby.

Glorious God, you have made everything beautiful in your own time. Today I come to you in prayer because the hour of birth is approaching, and I am terrified in my heart.

Lord, I need your divine help because I know that childbirth is the most crucial moment in the birth of a baby. Lord, I decree that this baby will continue to develop in my womb without any complications

Protect my belly with your infinite love. Do not let any disease advance to threaten the life of my baby. He’s my whole life, and if something happened to him, I wouldn’t know how to go on.

Protect us both, heavenly Father, because yours is the kingdom of heaven and the divine protection of men. Amen!

11. Prayer for the Development of the Baby.

Father, I cry out to you on behalf of my unborn baby. Hear my prayer concerning her health and development while in my womb. Your Words say we should call on you, and you will answer us. I call on you today.

Please grant my request. Give me rest, oh Lord, concerning this baby. Help my baby grow and develop into a healthy baby. Protect my baby from any harm Lord.

I claim your promises in your word that says: “Thus saith the LORD, thy redeemer, and he that formed thee from the womb, I am the LORD that maketh all things; that stretcheth forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself” (Isaiah 44:24)

I ask for my Pregnancy to proceed calmly and healthily and for the peace of Your presence to be the comfort I need in the moments when I feel anxious and needy.

I trust in you, God, and I give you all the glory in Jesus’s mighty name, Amen.

Prayer for the Mother for a Safe Delivery.

Father in Heaven, I know that Your love carries my baby and me on my lap, especially when we need it most. Your protective hand is what guides me, and in Your arms, I can rest when I am tired.

This child that I carry in my womb is the fruit of the love that you have blessed. I pray for the time of birth and that all the suffering of that moment will be rewarded by the miracle of having my child in my arms.

May he come in excellent health and always receive Your protection.

I need your support throughout this waiting period. I ask that you send maternal protection and that the baby is born healthy and continues on the Christian path. Amen

In conclusion

You can be calmer now! Well, God has attended to your prayers.

Know for the moment what you are going through, and He will not abandon you. You can pray to alleviate your concern, especially if it is about severe dangers during the gestation period.

Being a mom is the most beautiful adventure and the greatest job in a woman’s life.

Do not be anxious to face all stages of pregnancy, especially the time of delivery. With a lot of faith and confidence, you can get through every stage of labor and the joy that comes after when you hold your babies in your arms.

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