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How can I Connect with God through Prayer?

How can I Connect with God through Prayer?

Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. Jeremiah 29:12(NIV)

You may be asking yourself this question: how can I connect with God through prayer? You have been trying everything you know to develop your relationship with God. But things haven’t been going as expected.

connect with God through Prayer

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Instead of growing close to God, you have actually been drifting away. You know prayer is the key to connecting with God, but it is just not working for you.

You have set aside time for prayer. But whenever you go to your prayer closet, it seems like there is no connection between you and God. When you pray, it feels like you’re fighting a battle that you’ll never win.

You are beginning to think that something is wrong with you. Some people have given up on prayer because they could not feel a connection with God. But you don’t have to do that because if you give up on God, you will become unfruitful.

Why we should Connect with God through Prayer

Like any relationship, you need to build your connection with God. The Bible tells us to draw near to God, and he will draw near to us (James 4:8).

It is impossible to connect with someone you don’t talk to. You cannot connect with God if you don’t talk to him. Prayer is the act of talking to God, so it is important and should be part of our daily life. 

Imagine you were striking a deal with someone via phone. But you forgot to charge your phone, and it went off in the middle of the deal. This was your one chance of striking a major deal, but now it is hanging in the balance.

Our phones need to be connected to the power source for them to charge. A phone that has no power is of no use to the owner. The same is true for believers. We need to be connected to God for us to walk in the ways that he has planned for us.

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When you connect with God through prayer:

  • You’ll be able to know how to deal with different hurdles in life like David (1 Samuel 30:8).
  • Seeing in the spirit will be easy for you just like it was for Elisha (2 Kings 6:16)
  • You will know what God expects you to do and how to do his will like Jesus (John 6:38)
  • At the end of time, when your time comes to go to heaven, you will leave this world confidently knowing that you have fought a good fight and kept the faith like Paul. (2 Timothy 2:7)

In John 15:5 Jesus said he is the vine and we are the branches. Meaning that Jesus is our source of eternal life. And it is only by connecting with him that we can bear fruit for the kingdom.

If you want to be a powerful Christian, you need to connect to God first in prayer.  It’s through having a deep connection with God that you will do the things he has prepared for you.

Yes, God prepared things that each one of us should do before the foundation of the world. But we need to walk with him closely for him to reveal them to us.

So how does one connect with God through prayer?

Thank God for everyone and everything that pops in your mind

Has a particular name or issue ever popped in your mind? And no matter how much you tried to brush it off, it kept coming back until you prayed about it? There are no coincidences in the kingdom of God, things don’t just happen.

When something keeps ringing in your mind, it is better to pray about it even when it doesn’t make sense. It is through prayer that we can deal with the unseen things that happen in the spirit.

Pray for those people and over situations that come to mind. Pray for loved ones who come to mind that God may keep them safe from sudden danger. And for their hearts to be right with God.

Ask God to meet them at their point of need. If they are not saved, ask God to stir their hearts so that they can be open to the gospel (Ephesians 6:18).

If something keeps popping in your mind, don’t brush it off. Instead, pray over it and ask God to show you what to do. If you haven’t shared that experience with God see it as a sign that you should tell Him about it. Hand it over to God and let Him help you deal with it the best way he knows how to.

Praying over people and things will help you to stay connected with God even when you’re busy with work. It will also help you to be aware of what is happening around you and what God wants you to do. You don’t have to pray loudly, you can say these prayers under your breath as you work and go about your daily chores.

Go on a Prayer Walk

Get out and connect with God through prayer as you walk around your neighbourhood. Pray for your neighbours and the community. Look at the structures and nature around you and let them act as a reminder of how big and peaceful God is.

Let the things around your neighbourhood remind you of God’s faithfulness. If you are near a lake, or the ocean do a prayer walk near the shores. Remind yourself of great miracles that God did in the Bible like dividing the Red Sea (Exodus 4:21).

See Him coming through for you because nothing is difficult for him. Worship God for giving man the brain and ability to make awesome things in your surroundings. Nothing is too hard for him, the situation that you’re facing is nothing before him.

Find a Quiet Place to Talk to God

There is too much noise around us today. It is easy for us to get caught up by the noise and forget to connect with God. So how about disconnecting from the noise and finding a quiet place to talk to Him?

Pour out your heart to God. Let him know what you’re going through and your deepest fears. Yes, God is all-knowing. He already knows what you are going through, but we need to open up to him first.

See, God doesn’t impose himself on us. He cares about us, but he has also given us free will. We have to ask Him for help and relinquish our burdens to God.

Practice the presence of God

Make practising the presence of God a daily habit. Don’t just see God as someone that is distant from you. As you start to pray, see God there with you, listening to every word you are saying.

See the compassionate and loving saviour there in your prayer room teaching and guiding you. Read Bible verses of how Jesus interacted with people who went to him for prayer. See him talking to you with compassion the way he talked to those who went to him for help.

Are you praying for healing? See Jesus there with you telling you “son/daughter your faith has made you well (Mark 5:34) Do you need divine counsel? See him showing you how to navigate that issue.

Pick a verse and Meditate on it as you focus on God

Another great way to connect with God through prayer is by meditating on bible verses as you focus on God. Find verses that deal with what you are going through or the season you are in right now. Let the word of God penetrate your heart and dismantle every lie that you have believed about God.

If you want to strengthen your faith, focus on the verse about faith. Meditate on them until they become alive and see God doing what he has promised you.


Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash

Make Artwork or Music as an act of Worship

Can you sing or paint? How about you spend some of your free time-making artwork or music as an act of worship? Talk to God through that song, let him know how great and awesome he is. If you love drawing or creating astounding pieces of art, talk to him as you create these things.

As you do this, connect with him by seeing how creative he is. Worship and connect with God as the creator of heaven and earth.

Pray in the Chaos

The most challenging time to pray is when things are working against you or when life gets busy. It is easy for us to get caught up with everything that is happening around us. But actually, the best time to pray is in the chaos.

Don’t get overwhelmed by everything that’s happening when God says come to me all who labour and are heavy ladened. Stop carrying that burden when Jesus is telling you to hand it over to him. Don’t run away from God in your chaos.

Instead, let this season be a time when you connect with Him on a deeper level (Philippians 4:6).

Tell him about the things that are distracting you. Ask him to show you how to deal with them. And pray that those things may not become idols in your heart.

Write Down your Prayers

It may seem like a simple thing, and some people can choose to ignore. But writing down prayers will come in handy, especially in times when you cannot find the right words to pray.  See, there are those times when the warfare is so intense. You can’t find the right words and your emotions are all over the place.

Pouring your heart to God through writing will help you connect with God. These prayers will also act as a source of encouragement when you feel discouraged and doubtful. They will remind you of how God came through and how faithful he is to his promises.

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Post-Bible verses in Visible Places in your House

Praying scripture is a great way to connect with God. But let’s be honest, most of us struggle to memorize scripture. So how about posting bible verses in visible places in your house.

For example, write scriptures on sticky notes and post them on your dressing mirror or fridge. Pray over those scriptures whenever you are dressing or getting something from the fridge.

Prayers don’t have to belong. You can speak scripture over your life and loved ones. And believe that God will fulfil that promise over your life.

The more you do this, the more connected and closer you will become to God.

Change your praying venue

Do you find yourself dozing off or your mind drifting away whenever you go to your prayer closet? How about changing your praying venue.

If you cannot change the venue, then revamp your prayer closet.

In the movie war room, when Elizabeth starts her prayer journey, she finds it boring. But when she takes charge and empties her closet and turns it into a war room, her prayer life starts picking up.  Soon she becomes aggressive in prayer, and her daughter follows in her mother’s footsteps.

You can borrow an idea from the movie and make changes to your closet. Or you can go to a different place that will motivate you to pray. You will be surprised at how minor changes can make a difference in your prayer life and connection with God.

To sum it up

Connecting with God should not feel like a burden. Our heavenly Father is not boring or distant. You only need to look at creation, and you will see that God is a fun, caring and loving God. He desires to have a deep connection with each of us. But for him to connect with us, we need to connect with God through prayer first.

But how do we do that? By going for prayer walks in our neighbourhood. Instead of praying in the same spot each day, change your prayer venue.

A new venue may be the thing that will cause you to start enjoying your prayer life. Post-Bible verses in visible places in your home so that you can pray scripture as you do your chores. Write prayers down, make artwork or music as an

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