Waiting for a Husband?

What God says about Waiting for a Husband?

What does God say about waiting for a husband? This is an excellent question to consider. Because waiting is one of the most difficult things in this world. The feeling of not knowing when your expectations will be met is always hard when all you do is wait. But waiting is part of life. At …

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Godly Husband

How To Pray Effective For A Godly Husband

Getting married is easy – but the challenge is getting married to a Godly husband. Do you know that it is possible to get married to a Godly man just by making your requests known to God? That’s the right prayer for finding your future husband is just as effective as the prayer for any …

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Pray for Your Future Husband

31 Ways To Pray for Your Future Husband

In the Christian household, prayer is important in daily life that needs to be employed also when preparing for your future husband. Engaging in prayer is an act of faith in, and submission to God. Whether you have identified him or are still searching for your future husband, praying for him will strengthen your union. …

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