13 Powerful Prayers To Remove Obstacles In A Relationship

God’s desire is for our relationship to be healed, for families to be united, for there to be love and not division in our homes. Can God remove obstacles in a relationship? Beloved, this can be a complex topic for some, especially if they are living in an unhealthy relationship. Or where they have already …

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Restoring A Broken Relationship

13 Prayers for Restoring A Broken Relationship

Do you want to restore broken relationships? Before trying anything, talk to God. Only He can change the heart of the other, the disposition of your heart, or both at the same time! After prayer, you will be surprised to see how things will change. Instead of clinging to God, some cling to men, and …

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Relationship with God?

Why is it Important to have A Relationship with God?

Have you ever wondered why some people have a deeper relationship with God than others? You may have already thought that, like many human parents, God has his favorite children. While some seem to be so intimate and close, others seem distant and indifferent to the Father. But the reality is that God has neither …

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Bible Verses About Love

Top 55 Inspirational Bible Verses About Love

Are you looking for bible verses about love? Do you want to feel loved again? You will find it in this blog post. By the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I have come up with these top 55 inspirational bible verses about love. Love is one thing that unites all of human existence. It has …

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Christian Couple

Top 25 Relationship Books Christian Couple Should Read Together

Are you dating, engaged, or married? Have you been looking for resources to help you grow more in your relationship? Perhaps looking for good Christian books about relationships? Today, I want us to look at the following twenty-five Christian relationship books.  The list is in no particular order. But it includes some of the more …

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1Heal a Broken Relationship

13 Powerful Prayers that will Heal a Broken Relationship

Do you know that prayer can heal a broken relationship? Yes, Relationships bless our lives and lighten the load of life. Sometimes things don’t work out as we expect in our relationships and we have to part ways. This leads to the breakup of a relationship that you thought was for life. Rick Warren says …

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