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13 Prayers To Remove Obstacles In A Relationship

13 Prayers To Remove Obstacles In A Relationship

God’s desire is for our relationship to be healed, for families to be united, for there to be love and not division in our homes. Can God remove obstacles in a relationship?

Beloved, this can be a complex topic for some, especially if they are living in an unhealthy relationship. Or where they have already lost interest or even love in each other.

Today I want to tell you that God can remove obstacles in a relationship.

You just need to be willing. If you genuinely believe in God, lean on Him, and ask God in prayer to give you the wisdom to restore your relationship.

Read on for a list of 13 prayers you can engage in today to remove obstacles from your relationship.

Prayers to remove obstacles in a relationship.

Pray #1

God of love, my relationship is going through a great conflict that seems endless. And when I think this phase is over, it starts all over again. There are days when our conversations are like pins, like thorns in the flesh.

Everything looks like an accusation and offense. All things become suspicious. Everything we say turns into verbal aggression; everything is a reason to return to past facts and errors, and we only see each other’s defects.

There are times when I wonder if my relationship will survive the challenges I am experiencing. Help me, Lord, to remember when we met. The beautiful qualities we saw in each other.

The gifts, affection, and dreams of a future of love and friendship. The relationship is based on respect, the step by step of building a wonderful family.  Amen

Pray #2

Father in Heaven, I know that many problems could be solved without hurt. Whether financial – problems of spending too much or saving too much, letting bills be delayed, buying unnecessarily – or emotionally.

The excessive demand for attention and the display of affection, the implication with common defects, indifference, and the prioritization of work or material goods.

Everything becomes a reason for anger when we forget that we are united in the love of God. Free me, Lord, from these evils! Let this obstacle in my relationship become a thing of the past.

God of love, I am willing to let the minor disagreements pass. They mean nothing compared to the great blessings shared in our relationship.

Lord, help me overcome the difficulties of daily living and remember that we decided to share life until death do us part. Please help me to do my part to honor and keep my vows. Amen

Pray #3

Father in Heaven, Teach me to trust my spouse and God in the most challenging times.

Let me, love, in moments of disagreement; to be silent in the face of verbal and critical offenses; to understand the other in the face of threats of abandonment.

Lift me to overcome the mountains and overcome any blockage, barrier, or obstacle in my relationship.

Please give me the courage and serenity to face situations and the wisdom to seek solutions. Give me the grace to know how to forgive, and may all resentment be washed from my soul by Your redeeming blood.

In your precious holy name, I declare that I am victorious, through Christ Jesus who is my strength. Amen

Remove obstacles in a Marriage.

Pray #4

Today, I discovered that the perfect marriage does not exist, and I want to learn to deal with imperfections from now on.

I want to fully live every moment of my marriage, knowing that the relationship always needs a stimulus and an effort to see the other’s qualities more than his defects.

We got married to support each other and overcome the difficulties that we could not face alone.

Thank you, Lord, for remembering all this because I want to seek my reconciliation, to put obedience and respect in the relationship because love only knows how to love.

What we were experiencing was just affection, a relationship, collegiality, and not the marriage relationship that we pledged to have in front of everyone at the altar.

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Prayer that Breaks Obstacles that come from Evil Spirits.

Pray #5

Lord, I pray against every spirit of obstacles in my relationship. I place your angels in my house and expel all evil, all distrust, aggression, and misunderstanding.

If anyone has wished us any harm, to destroy our marriage, whether out of envy, black magic, spell, or otherwise, I cancel it now in the name of Jesus.

Lord, I curse all the evil spirits causing obstacles in my relationship. I rebuke every negative thought or word spoken against my partner and me.

I renounce all vengeful, selfish, and proud attitude that damages us and prevent us from advancing on the path that leads to eternal life. Amen.

Pray #6

Dear God, we are before you to ask your forgiveness first. Because, like Esau, we have sinned against you.

Sometimes we exchange your promises for some material good that we consider safe or please our fleeting desires.

We did not want to disobey you with these attitudes, nor do we wish to repeat them because we understood that in this way, we demonstrate our disbelief in your words.

Our security must depend solely on the certainty of your great love for us and the grace that sustains us so that we can stand.

Sorry for the times that instead of being peacemakers, we gave free rein to anger and allowed bitterness roots to take root in our hearts.

We pray that all of them be uprooted and that we can be people who bless and not multiply resentment and destroy others.  Amen

Prayer of forgiveness in your Relationship.

Pray #7

Father, your word says, “Ask it shall be given, seek, you shall find, knock and it shall be open.”

My God, I have come before you today because my relationship is going through crisis, and it’s about to collapse. Save my relationship and give us the spirit to forgive each other our shortcomings.

Today, we decide to forgive all those who consciously or unconsciously have offended us because you forgave us, and we have offended other people as well.

We ask you to give us the strength required to stay away from sexual disorders. Give us the spirit to treat our bodies with dignity because we know that we are temples of the Holy Spirit.

We arrange our lives so that you cleanse us of all evil and give us the necessary will to do what is good in front of your eyes. Amen

Prayer of Thanksgiving to Remove Obstacles from Relationship.

Pray #8

God of heaven, you said that we should give grace to what we have received by grace.

Therefore, it corresponds to us to show love first, of that love that we receive from you, which is above our defects and errors. Love that forgives, love that liberates and gives itself without interest.

We receive new mercies every morning, clothed with new opportunities to correct mistakes and to strengthen successes. Therefore, we must also offer them to our neighbors.

Thank you, Lord, because we have received so much through your grace, and it is directly responsible for our blessings. For your grace, we were justified.

We do not want to separate ourselves from grace but from all those obstacles that want to leave us out of their reach. We adore and bless you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Pray #9

My Lord, we praise you for this beautiful day that you have created for all of us.

Here I present my heart ready to receive the blessings that you have prepared for me. I don’t want to live this day in fear. I want to live it with the joy of knowing that you have me in your desires.

Lord, give me courage and hope, do not let me decline as the day passes and difficulties come. Transform my mind, heart, and spirit so that every challenge that comes my way can turn it into stepping stones that help me move forward.

I know that behind every problem, you hide a blessing, and I trust that you will guide me and help me find them for my growth and that of mine with the assistance of your Holy Spirit.

Pray #10

Oh, King of Kings, I kneel before you, giving thanks for the life you have given me. For the gifts, the good things, and the bad things in my life that have helped me be the person I am today. I thank you for allowing me to love and be loved.

Today I turn to You, Eternal Father, with pain in my heart, frustration, and sorrow. Because I find myself going through hard times with my partner. Things are not going well, and we have lost a bit of our direction in life together.

We have cried, and we have been involved in grudges, screams, and problems, and it hurts me. Dear God, it hurts me to feel that we are moving further away every day, that pride and issues are winning over us.

My Lord, give me the patience and understanding to solve the problems with my partner. By your power, remove every pain from our relationships. Amen

Don’t give up. God can Save your Relationship

Pray #11

Our Father in Heaven, I call on you this day because of my relationship. Beautiful God, do not allow anger to keep us further away each day. Do not allow us to forget all the good we have obtained up to today.

Give us the courage to recognize our mistakes and accept them. Please help us to ignore our pride and ask for forgiveness for all the damage caused.

Help us, Lord, to be courageous, and above all, allow us to accept that as humans, we are not perfect and that only with forgiveness can we be free again from so much resentment.

The person who loves is not afraid. Where there is love, there is no fear. On the contrary, true love removes fear. 1 John 4, 18

Only You Father know what indeed lives in our hearts. I ask you to give us your light to see through the other. Amen

Pray #12

Loving king, come near in these difficult times. We confess that we need you right now and cannot win without you. Give us the strength and courage necessary to be able to admit the situation we are going through.

Be with us every day, Lord, guide and protect us as we remove the obstacles that stand in our way. Lead us on the path of righteousness, O heavenly Father. Bless us with your divine favor and mercy.

Break down all the obstacles that prevent us from drawing closer to you. The Most Merciful Father, remove them by your most powerful name, we pray. Amen.

Pray #13

Help us, God of eternity, to put our love above all. Help us understand each other, value each other, and respect each other above all.

Do not allow deception, lies, and hatred to penetrate our relationship. Don’t let anyone lose sight of the goal while still enjoying the journey.

Father of love, we need your infinite love to overcome the obstacles that we have been experiencing. Fill our minds with beautiful memories of the good times.

Please help us to remember how happy we are together. Give us, Lord, the strength to face everything that comes.

The enemy wants to separate us, but I know that our love will be stronger, and there is nothing or no one who can be against us if we are with you. Amen

In conclusion

God’s desire is for our relationships to be healed, for families to be united, for there to be love and not division in our homes.

The above is 13 powerful prayers to remove obstacles from a relationship. But remember, the most crucial pillar in having these prayers answered is absolute faith in God. Ask with conviction and be confident that God will answer your prayers.

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