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Benefits Of A Praying Woman: 15 Awesome

Benefits Of A Praying Woman: 15 Awesome

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18(NIV)

Want to know the benefits of a praying woman? You’ve come to the right place.  God has called women to be helpers. And one of the best ways that we can help is through prayers.

Prayer is the way that we communicate with our heavenly Father. William Law said, “prayer is the nearest approach to God.” Through prayer, we get to understand who God is and who we are.

It helps us focus on God and eternity instead of the temporary things of this world. It’s a powerful weapon that God has given us to fight against the enemy.

A woman who prays is powerful and capable of doing great exploits for the kingdom of God in this world.

Why? Women have a great influence in the world. With God on her side, a praying woman can do extraordinary things for her family, friends, society, and most of all, the kingdom of God.

Examples of Praying Women in the Bible.

1. Hannah

The story of Hannah is found in the book of I Samuel.  She was Elkanah’s wife and Peninah’s co-wife.

Her husband loved her so much that he gave a double portion for Hannah. But he gave portions for his wife Peninah and her sons.

Unfortunately, God had closed Hannah’s womb. And her co-wife Peninnah provoked Hannah year after year to make her miserable. (I Samuel 1)

Out of the bitterness of her soul, Hannah went and cried before God for a child. She vowed to dedicate that child to God. God answered her prayers, and she ended up giving birth to a male child.

That child is the prophet, Samuel. A man who did great things for God in Israel. He is the one who anointed Saul and David to be kings.

In his book Prayer, Tim Keller says, “there is absolutely nothing so great as prayer.”

We know nothing about Peninah’s sons. But because of Hannah’s prayers, we know Prophet Samuel and the great things he did in Israel.

2. Esther

All seemed to be going well for Esther. The king had chosen her among all the virgins and made her queen.  But then there was an enemy that was determined to destroy her people.

She needed to rescue them. Unfortunately, she would not approach the king unless he sent for her. So Esther told her people to pray and fast for three days. 

After three days, Esther went before the king. The good news is that the king did not kill her. Instead, he listened to her request.

Esther, together with the children of Israel, cried to God for favor with the king. God granted her prayer, and she was able to help her people.

3. Anna, the Prophetess

After the death of her husband, Anna dedicated her life to prayer and fasting. She never left the temple.

When Mary and Joseph went to dedicate Jesus at the temple, Anna was among those who recognized baby Jesus as the Messiah.  She walked up to Mary and Joseph and began to give thanks to God for Jesus.

And to speak to those who are waiting for the redemption of Israel about Jesus. We can say that her commitment to prayer enabled her to recognize Jesus as the Messiah.

Now, just because someone says that they pray doesn’t mean that they are prayerful. So what qualities should a praying woman have?

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What are the Characteristics of a Praying Woman?


1. A Woman of Faith

 For God to answer our prayers, we need to have faith.  It is, therefore, crucial for a praying woman to have faith in God. 

She needs to believe that God is the author of life, He exists, and He’s a rewarder of those who generously seek him. (Hebrews 11:6)

2. She is Persistent

A prayerful woman doesn’t give up easily. She will fight through prayer until God answers her prayers.

Others may give up, but she will keep going. She understands that she is in a battle, and like any good soldier, she cannot afford to quit.

3. She is a Woman of Integrity

One of the strategies for fighting and winning spiritual battles is ensuring that we live a holy life. We need to follow the commands that God has given us in his word.

Doing so helps us to prevent the enemy from taking control of our lives. When we give the enemy access into our lives through sin, he blocks us from receiving answers to our prayers.

A praying woman knows that sin will block her from getting God’s best. So she strives to live a holy life and repents when she falls.

4. She has a heart for people

A woman who prays loves people and is always interceding for everyone around her.  She’s not afraid to pray when others have given up on someone.

She will go the extra mile. This woman’s prayers are not limited to her loved ones and herself. She also prays for strangers. 

What are the Benefits of a Praying Woman?

Benefits of a praying Woman

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1. Holds Her Family Together

There are so many broken people in the world today.  At the core of this brokenness lies the fact that many of these people come from broken families.

Our society today needs more women that are committed to prayer. The word of God says a wise woman builds her home (Proverbs 14:1). And the best way for a woman to build her home is through prayer.

Praying women hold their families together.  They know that it is God who started the institution of marriage and family. And He is the only one who can hold it together. 

Before a praying woman goes to world experts for advice, she goes to the throne. 

2. Alters the Destiny of Society

A praying woman knows that it is the society that makes up the nation. That’s why she commits her time to pray for people all over the world.  When we pray for people, God can alter the destiny of society and the world at large.

Esther was able to alter the destiny of the Israelites through prayer. In the same way, a praying woman can change the fate of society through her prayers. 50 People Every Christian should know by Warren W. Wiersbe is an excellent book.

The stories written in it encourage us to continue praying, living righteously, and trusting in God. Not just for ourselves but also for other people in society.

3. A Praying Woman Is the Line of Defense for Her Family

A praying woman is a line of defense against the enemy for her family. She will go to great lengths to fight for her family.  And when she knows that God is on her side, she will stop at nothing until the purposes of God are fulfilled.

When her children stray, she will stand firm and fight for them in prayer.  She will also go boldly to the throne of grace to stand in the gap for her husband.

4. Full of Honor

Society needs to have praying women in their midst because a praying woman is full of honor.  She is determined to live a life that is pleasing to God.  So she will not get easily entangled with the things of this world.

Stormie Omartian says in Power of a Praying Woman, “Lord, show me what is in my mind, heart, soul spirit, that shouldn’t be there. A prayerful woman is not afraid to pray such a bold prayer because her desire is to honor God.

But how is a woman of honor beneficial to society? Well, she influences other women, especially the young ones, positively. Many young girls look up to her as a role model and emulate her ways.

5. A Praying Woman is a Bold Woman

A woman that prays is bold.  She’s not afraid to stand in prayer for herself, family, friends, and the people who need help in society.  She knows right from wrong. And what’s best for her because it’s God leading her in the way she should go. 

A praying woman does not second-guess herself because she’s grounded in the word of God. She makes bold decisions when others are afraid. She will go boldly into God’s throne and ask for things that seem impossible in the eyes of men. For she knows that she serves a God that can do exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond.

6. Unifies Others

Not to sound biased but go to any church where there is unity; chances are you will find prayerful women.  Most families that are united have at least one prayerful woman.

See women thrive in relationships.  They enjoy being around loving and caring people.  At least most of them do.  So a praying woman will always pray for the unity of her family.

When things don’t work out and people fight, she will pray and try to unite them. If you want to understand how women unify others through prayer, TD Jake’s book When Women Pray is a great resource.

7. Strengthens People

With so many challenges in the world, many people need someone that will always encourage them.

Instead of putting others down, a praying woman will always be at the forefront of building others up. She will do this with the word of God and prayer.

She will also be the voice of reason when people want to quit. And will always remind them of the faithfulness of God during the storm.

Praying Woman

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8. Stands in the Gap for Unbelievers

We are called to stand in the gap for unbelievers. So a praying woman stands in the gap for those who have not given their lives to Christ.

When someone dies without surrendering their soul to Christ, it breaks her heart.  So she makes it a point to pray for people to give their lives to Christ and live in a pleasing way to Him. 

In short, a praying woman is a soul winner. And she does that by praying for unbelievers.

9. Prays for Her Husband and Men in Society

Men are the kings and priests of their homes.  And since the enemy knows this, he attacks men. He is on a quest to make men feel worthless to not lead their families effectively.

A praying woman knows that God has given her the role of being a helper.  She knows that she is called to help her husband and other men in society to pray. 

So she prays for them so that they can stand firm in the faith. And take up their kingly roles and be the men God wants them to be.

This woman is not threatened by the role that God has given her.  She doesn’t see herself as an inferior person.  Instead, she knows that it is by being a helper that she can accomplish the will of God. And to thrive in life.

10. Positively Impacts People’s Destinies

Though women battle with insecurities, a praying woman deals with her insecurities differently.  She takes her insecurities to God instead of projecting them on other people.  She doesn’t feel threatened by other people.

Instead, she loves to impact others positively. A praying woman understands what D.A Carson writes in his book Praying with Paul, “All of us would be wiser if we would resolve never to put people down, except on our prayer lists.”

This type of woman is always looking out for other people. She prays for them to be better people even if they are already well off than her. She brings out the best in people by planting the right words in their hearts. 

11. Loving and Caring

Can we just be honest, loving, and caring for people is very difficult.  See, people are never appreciative of what you do. 

Yes, they will call you great in the beginning. But when you’re not able to meet their needs, they will start to blame you. People rarely remember the great things you’ve done in their lives.

It takes the grace of God for one to consistently love and care for others.  A praying woman can love and care for others without expecting anything in return. She knows that she’s not doing it for herself. She is doing it for God.

If you love helping people but are tired of how they react towards you, turn to God in prayer. Commit yourself to a life of prayer. That way, you will continue loving and caring for people irrespective of how they treat you.

12. Forgiving

No matter how spiritual you are, there’s always someone who’s going to rub you the wrong way.  But as believers, we need to forgive others. If we don’t do that, God will not forgive us of our sins. (Matthew 6:14-15)

A praying woman knows that her prayers will not be answered by God if she does not forgive.  Since she spends most of her time in prayer, God has dealt with her heart.

So it is easier for her to forgive others when they wrong her.  She does not hold grudges but is quick to forgive. This woman is also a big advocate for forgiveness. So people look up to her when they want to settle their differences.

13. Selflessness

Some of the people that talk about self-love have good intentions. But the enemy has taken advantage of the self-love movement to encourage self-centeredness.  The self-love message is being taken out of context as people are encouraged to only think about themselves.

 A praying woman is selfless because she knows that she’s here to serve others and not be served.  She wants to be like Christ (Matthew 20:28). Therefore she will go out of her way to do things selflessly. 

14. She doesn’t Quit Easily

Someone cannot call themselves a praying woman if they’re not persistent.  To be an effective prayer warrior, one needs to be persistent in prayer.

We have an enemy that is bent on making our lives miserable.   Our enemy does not play fair; he’s keen on destroying our lives.

 The benefit of having a praying woman in your circle of friends is that she will persist in prayer. She will not quit until God answers your prayer. She’s not afraid to pray for the same things for months or years. 

Yes, she’ll get discouraged from time to time, but she will not quit until the purposes of God are accomplished.

15. Purposeful Woman

A praying woman does not second-guess herself.  She lives her life on purpose because she knows that she is not here by accident.  She’s always seeking God about how he wants her to live her life. And is keen on pleasing her heavenly Father with the way she does her things.

 When she messes up, she goes to God and asks for forgiveness. And gets back on track with the help of the Holy Spirit. She knows that her life here on earth is limited, so she lives purposefully.

Power of a Praying Woman.

Do you know the power of a praying woman is immense. When a woman commits herself to a life of prayer and seeks God’s guidance, amazing things will happen.

Here are some aspects of a praying woman:

  • Intimacy with God:

Prayer allows a woman to cultivate a deep, personal relationship with God.

Through prayer, she will experience his presence, receive His guidance, and grow in her knowledge of Him. This intimacy fuels her faith and empowers her to face challenges with confidence.

  • Intercession:

A praying woman has the ability to intercede on behalf of others. She is able to lift up her family, friends, community, and even nations in prayer.

Through her intercession, she becomes a channel for God’s love, mercy, and intervention in the lives of others.

  • Spiritual Warfare:

Prayer is a powerful weapon in spiritual warfare.

A praying woman will stand against the forces of darkness, rebuking and binding evil influences in her own life and the lives of those around her.

She can pray for deliverance, healing, and protection, trusting in God’s power to overcome all spiritual opposition.

  • Impact on Relationships:

A praying woman have a profound impact on her relationships. Through prayer, she can bring conflicts, hurts, and challenges before God, seeking His wisdom and healing.

Her prayers can foster forgiveness, restoration, and transformation in relationships, leading to stronger bonds and deeper connections.

  • Empowerment and Guidance:

Prayer will empowers a praying woman to live according to God’s purpose and calling. Through prayer, she will discern his will, receive direction, and be equipped for the tasks he has set before her.

It provides her with the strength, courage, and guidance needed to navigate life’s challenges and make a positive difference.

  • Influence on Generations:

A praying woman leaves a lasting legacy. Her prayers will impact not only her own life but also the lives of her children, grandchildren, and future generations.

By modeling a life of prayer and faith, she will inspire others to seek God and experience His transformative power.

The power of a praying woman lies in her reliance on God, her submission to his will, and her unwavering faith.

Through prayer, she is able to tap into the supernatural resources of heaven, bringing God’s love, grace, and power into every aspect of her life and the lives of those around her.

Praying Woman Quotes.

Here are some inspiring quotes about praying women:

  1. “A woman of prayer can change the world because she aligns her heart with the heart of God.” – Jennifer Smith

  2. “The prayer of a woman is a powerful force that can move mountains and bring healing, restoration, and breakthrough.” – Unknown

  3. “A praying woman is a mighty warrior, fighting battles on her knees and claiming victory in the name of Jesus.” – Lysa TerKeurst

  4. “A woman who prays is rooted in faith, anchored in hope, and strengthened by the presence of God.” – Unknown

  5. “When a woman commits to a life of prayer, she opens herself up to the extraordinary possibilities of God’s power and grace.” – Stormie Omartian

  6. “Prayer is the secret weapon of a praying woman, unleashing the supernatural power of God in every area of her life.” – Unknown

  7. “A praying woman is a woman of courage, trusting God in the face of challenges and boldly approaching His throne of grace.” – Sheila Walsh

  8. “The prayers of a woman are like gentle whispers that reach the ears of God and move His heart with compassion.” – Unknown

  9. “A woman who prays knows that she is never alone, for God is always by her side, listening to her every word.” – Unknown

  10. “The power of a praying woman is not in her own strength but in her surrendered heart, trusting in the unlimited power of God.” – Unknown

These quotes highlight the significance and impact of prayer in the life of a woman. They remind us of the strength, faith, and connection with God that prayer brings, and the transformative power it holds in both personal and broader contexts.

The truth is:

There are so many benefits of a praying woman. When women pray, great things happen, and the world becomes a better place full of peace and harmony. Unfortunately, only a few women pray. Today, many women are caught up with the busyness of life. 

Our society needs praying women more than ever.  Let’s make it a point to pray that God may bring back the praying woman in our community.

It’s time for us women to turn back to the real heart of worship. We need to become the people God wants us to be.  God has given us grace upon grace to take care of our families, run successful businesses, and be career women.

We can do all these things without sacrificing our prayer lives. Don’t let the things of this world overshadow your prayer life. The things of this world that are passing away.

15 Awesome Benefits of a praying Woman

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