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Prayers for Comfort and Strength: 15 Powerful

Prayers for Comfort and Strength: 15 Powerful

These prayers for Comfort and Strength have helped many individuals to find comfort in a time of hardship.

A Prayer for Comfort and Strength is regularly required during troublesome occasions. God is consistently here for us, to invigorate us and lift our hearts when all appears to be miserable.

A large portion of us understands that our own strength isn’t in every case enough to overcome a bit of the circumstance that this life brings.

Comfort and Strength

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At those troublesome occasions, it is wise to approach God for additional comfort and for His strength to help support you when your own strength fizzles.

God is waiting for you. Try not to be reluctant to approach God for His strength to fall upon you! At the point when you are frail or tired to stand and uncertain of what to ask, ask alongside these words:

Pray #1

Heavenly Father, I am needing your comfort and strength at this moment. It’s a difficult stretch for me, and I don’t know if could go on any further. Many issues are assaulting me from all bearings.

I can’t presently rely upon my own capacity to defeat these difficulties. They have gotten a lot for me. Which is the reason I’m coming to you today. Father God, I believe that you are in charge of my life consistently.

Calm my heart, God, and get it far from the soul of dread and uneasiness. You are the one in particular who can comfort me now.

Encompass me with your peace that outperforms all understanding. Raise me up in your triumphant right hand. Walk with me through these difficulties that I am experiencing.

In Jesus’s name, AMEN!

Pray #2

Grant me your strength, God, that I may not surrender regardless of whether circumstances become truly challenging.

Help me, God, to focus on you and not on my issues. I realize that You, God, are greater than those issues combined. If I put my trust in You, I will never be frustrated. If I look up to you, I will never become tired.

Empower me, God, to have tolerance and to completely rely upon you for strength that I may take off on wings like eagles. Grant me genuine feelings of serenity too as I surrender the outcomes to you.

In Jesus’s name, AMEN!

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Pray #3

Dearest Lord, as of now, my mind fails to find a sense of contentment, and my heart is grieved. Within me, it seems like a furious tempest without any indications of stopping any time soon.

My interests are becoming excessively incredible for me to deal with. There are even occasions that I can’t rest sufficiently around evening time.

For this reason, God, I’m asking that you would grant me that peace that outperforms understanding.

Hold me in your arms and comfort me. I can’t experience the entirety of this all alone, yet I realize that with you, nothing is impossible.

In Jesus’s name, AMEN!

Pray #4

Dearest God, these previous days have not been good to me. I feel as though everything is turning out badly. I feel so stressed, restless, and afraid.

This is presumably the greatest trouble I have ever seen in my life. I feel that the heaviness of every one of my issues will smash me. Not a second passes by that I don’t consider the issues surrounding me.

Thank you, God, that I am ready to get this opportunity to make my request known to you. I cast those considerations, fears, and stresses to You, Lord. I lay my burdens down at your feet.

In Jesus’s name, AMEN!

Pray #5

Dearest Lord, at the present time, I am not feeling my best. My body has become sick. The sickness has kept me to bed, and I feel very sad. My condition isn’t just influencing my body, yet sincerely and intellectually also.

It causes me to feel powerless. However, as the Apostle Paul stated, Lord, Your grace is sufficient for me, and your power is made perfect in my weakness.

Through the shortcoming that my body is encountering, show your capacity to me, Lord. As I’m saying this prayer of comfort and strength, show me your power in your own extraordinary manner. In Jesus’s name, AMEN!

Pray #6

Dear Father, I come to you today with overwhelming sadness. Bitterness overpowers me. I feel encompassed by a thick haze that I dread will never lift. Like David, “my tears have been my food day and night”.

For anyway long this period of distress endures, I ask that you would give me a greater amount of your affection and beauty.

I need to state alongside David, “I will be glad and rejoice in thy mercy:  for thou hast considered my trouble; thou hast known my soul in adversities” (Psalms 31:7) AMEN!

Pray #7

Dear God, Some days feel excessively hard. Battling trepidation and stress every step of the way. Thank you in the midst of everything, you haven’t left us to fight for ourselves.

Pardon us for questioning you are there. Pardon us for thinking you’ve forgotten. Forgive us for thinking we know the better way.

We thank you that your ways are higher than our ways and your thoughts are bigger than our thoughts.

We love you, Lord, we need your fresh grace. In Jesus’s name, AMEN!

Pray #8

Father, I need your peace. I have allowed my thoughts to shift towards the situations and conditions I am battling with right now. I am putting my trust back in you.

Thank you that you are consistently seeking after me and continually moving my heart back towards you.

Thank you for your consideration and persistence towards me. I realize that I can confide in you.

Help me, Father, to figure out how to rest in your word. AMEN!

Pray #9

Loving Father, reach down and haul me out of these profound waters. You are my rescuer. At the point when I experience a disaster, let me incline toward you and find prayers for comfort and strength.

At the point when I feel deserted, remind me that you are driving me on a decent way towards extraordinary delight.

You made me, you know me better than any other individual and you know my circumstance. You know what is best for me, Lord. Guide me in your hands. AMEN!

Pray #10

Compassionate Lord, I thank you that when I am hopeless you won’t leave me. You know every single tear I cry and the conditions that caused them.

At the point when I feel like nobody understands, remind me that you understand. The points when I feel like nobody cares, remind me that you care.

At the point when it seems like the entire world is against me, helps me to have a sense of safety in the knowledge that you care for me. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, AMEN!

Prayers for Comfort

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Pray #11

Lord of all power, strengthen me. As I feel threw around by life’s tempests, may I realize that you are my stone, the strong ground on which I can stand and pause. You are my post, Lord.

Shield me from hurt. You are my deliverer, my shield, and my fortress. If you are for me, who can be against me? May I discover my strength and comfort in you at this moment? AMEN!

Pray #12

The weights of life drive me into a corner. A hundred voices call my name, and I feel deadened now and again, not realizing where to go.

Lord, help me to continue running the race, and to discover prayers for comfort, and strength in you, under the shadow of the Almighty.

I need your strength to say no when I’m tempted to give up, or when childishness sticks to my garments and won’t give up. AMEN!

Pray #13

Lord, I am tired and don’t have a clue where this “race” will take my life to. I have an inclination that I’ve been running always, attempting to beat this situation.

Help me to quit attempting to beat my agony but instead run with perseverance the race you have set before me. I realize that with you, I am a victor over the trials of life.

I realize that nothing in this world can isolate me from your love. As I say these prayers for comfort and strength; help me to bear this trial. AMEN!

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Pray #14

Father, I approach you for a new vision for my life. Tell me the best way to rest directly in the center of the tempest. Help me to appreciate your vision for my life, directly in the center of the front line.

I need as long as I can remember to affirm that there’s a God in paradise who knows my name and who will get me securely home. Fill me once more with the miracle of your comfort and strength. AMEN!

Pray #15

Magnificent Father, every day is a battle against transgression. Strengthen us to beat cruelty with grace, and scorn with love.

God, remind us that our actions matter. We don’t take on a physical fight but a spiritual one, and with each demonstration of empathy, we build your realm.


Throughout everyday life, troublesome occasions will come, our confidence will be tried, however, we should never let them characterize what our identity is, you may have inquiries in your heart, as a Christian, carry on with an ideal life on the grounds that the soul of the ideal God is in you to give you comfort and strength.

Difficulties and obstacles might be in your way, you have studied the word, gotten Revelation yet nothing is changing.

Remember Abraham the father of faith also has inquiries in his heart so who are you not to have inquiries on the situations you find yourself in, just don’t let those conditions define you.

Please share these prayers for comfort and strength with your friends. Thank you very much.

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