Healing Prayers for a Loved One: 15 Powerful Prayers

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Healing prayers for a loved one, are prayers that I have used to pray for family members and you can use.

Do you have any loved ones who need healing? I have provided 15 Amazing Powerful Healing Prayers for a Loved One by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

“But He was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities. The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes, we are healed.” Isaiah 53:5

With this prayer, you will surrender your hopes to God and with faith in his name so that your brother may be healed by the mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

He cleansed the leper, revived the son of the widow of Naim. Freed the demon-possessed by the mute and unleashed the disease that the sick man suffered for 38 consecutive years.

Our God is still in the business of healing His beloved children (Hebrews 13:8).

Why healing prayers for a loved one?

Lying on his sickbed, a family member, or loved ones sometimes does not have the strength to pray independently.

Although they will be able to pray in the spirit, it would be essential for those close to them to help them spiritually.

Praying for divine help, a healing prayer for a loved one will help them obtain blessings and facilitate their healing.

Either way, praying for someone brings a lot of comfort to both you and the one you are praying for. Please do not deprive yourself of it.

How is the healing prayers for a loved one done?

It is customary in Christianity that a healing prayer made in the sick’s presence will be done with a laying on of hands.

What does this mean to you? This means that when you pray for someone who is sick right there in front of you, you have a choice between:

In all 2 cases, you must be in advanced concentration.

Feel the presence of God and the power flowing from you to the sick person. It is sometimes advisable to meditate before prayer. This increases spiritual power and focus while you pray.

The ordeal of illness is a mystery to every man. God does not abandon those who suffer in their flesh and their heart.

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Here are 15  Powerful Healing Prayers for a Loved One.

Healing Prayer #1

Lord Jesus, you who have suffered to death to atone for our sins. Lord, knowing your compassion for the sick, I ask you for the healing of my brother (name the sick person name).

Command the evil to disappear, as you did during your stay on earth, for the sick who had recourse to you. Pour out your grace on this person.

Command the sick spirit to come out of its body and not to enter it anymore.

Evil, whoever you are, whatever your principle and your nature, come out of this person, I command you in the name of the Father, of the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Healing Prayer #2

Oh God, whose nature is only Goodness, whose indulgence is extended to all creatures. Because you are the Father of all fathers, the most tender.

I pray to you, through the name of Jesus Christ to relieve this person of the pain he’s suffering!

Remember, my God, the death of your Son. Grant this request Oh Lord.

You are the miracle worker of all those who came to you, relieve this person of all allergies in Jesus’ name.


Healing Prayer #3

Lord, the scriptures say that you heal all diseases, and whoever believes in you will not perish but will have eternal life.

Strengthen this person, Lord, in this time of sickness. Support him while he is sick in bed. When you were on Earth you did all good things and healed all kinds of diseases.

You died and rose for our sins and for us to have everlasting life, Lord. I believe in my heart that you are here with us today.

Your most holy power will eliminate all diseases and evils that are afflicting this person in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Healing Prayer #4

Almighty Father, “Name a sick person,” is sick, and I believe that if I were in his place, he/she would be next to me and watch. He/she was one of your devotees, and we think this is only a test of faith.

So, I pray that you will watch over him and grant him a speedy recovery. Not a moment longer, Oh Lord, he/she will be free from this state so that he/she can rejoice in your name.

I thank you for answered prayer, and in the name of Jesus, I pray, Amen.

Healing Prayer #5

Lord, you are the mighty one in Israel. We pray, Oh God from above to heal and uphold this person (Name of the sick).

Destroy every disease that is, was, and always will be in his body In Jesus’ Name.

We pray that afterward, you will rejuvenate his / her mind, body, and soul so that he/she will receive the strength to function in all areas of his / her life.

(Name of the sick) will stand before you, O Lord, and he/she will pray and lift his / her voice in thanks to you.

We glorify your mighty deeds Oh Lord, and In Jesus’ Name, I prayed. Amen.

Healing Prayers

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Healing Prayer #

O Jesus, master of life and death. I bow down before you today to perfect the healing of this person who is so dear to my heart.

The one (or that) for whom I pray suffers terribly; in his pain, he (she) has no other way out than you who is all-powerful. In you, he (she) puts all his hope.

Relieve, O Doctor of Heaven, his pains. Deliver him (her) from his sufferings and give him perfect health if it is by your will and for the good of his soul. Amen.

Healing Prayer #7

May the Power of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ permeate all body, soul, and spirit of (say the sick person’s name) and be filled with the Glory of God.

Give him, Lord, the courage to endure this trial and light his way.

May the will of the Lord be fulfilled in him. And may the power of the Holy Spirit descend upon him! In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

Healing Prayer #8

Lord Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit, and the Love of your Most Holy Heart.

Cure this person’s spirit of all the spiritual evils and all the consequences of the actions of the Adversary.

Heal her soul of any psychic disorder. Visit and heal her imagination, memory, will, and brain.

Defeat any malignant cause of blockage and disease. Descend from heaven, oh Lord, visit her hearts, heal all wounds, and remove all feelings that do not come from you.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

Healing Prayer #9

Jesus of Nazareth, take authority over this disease (name the disease). By the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ and the Power of the Holy Spirit, Lord God dries up this disease. In case there is a sick spirit: I cast out the evil spirit in Jesus’s name.

In the name of Jesus of Nazareth and by the Power of the Holy Spirit, remove from him (her) the disease from which he (she) suffers.

Heal him (her) with your word, make him (her) pass from infirmity to health, from sadness to consolation. For you are our God, the one who chastises and heals. Yes, Lord, hear our prayer for your child in Jesus mighty name, Amen

Healing Prayer #10

Lord, you speak in your word that you wish above all things that we are in good health. (3 John 1:2). I thank you because you honor your word more than your name.

Today I declare this promise on your child that is on the sickbed. I believe in the healing power of faith and prayer and ask you to lay your healing hand upon him.

I pray father that you reach out to him today and give him supernatural strength from above. Protect him from Satan’s lies and frustration and let his miraculous recovery begin now.

In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

Healing Prayers for a Loved One

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Healing Prayer #11

You are the great physician of our souls and our bodies. Carried in your own flesh our sufferings and illnesses so that by your wounds we are healed.

You who destroyed death by your death and delivered us from the tomb to give us life. You who raised Lazarus from the dead, have mercy also on this person.

Free him from all oppression of the devil.

In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

Healing Prayer #12

May the power of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ permeate the whole body, soul, and Spirit of ______ (say the name of the sick person), and may he (she) be filled with Glory of God.

Give him, Lord, the courage to overcome this trial and be victorious over evil with good.

For you are the true physician of our souls and our bodies, O Christ our God.

Heal him from headache, disgust, swelling, and fever. Deliver him from all terror, spare him gangrene, and free him from all superstition relating to the evil days and the evil eye.

Take away the inflammation.

In Jesus mighty name, Amen

Healing Prayer #13

Lord, you are the physician of bodies and souls. Watch over this sick and suffering brother. Like the Good Samaritan, pour the oil of consolation and the wine of hope on his wounds.

With the healing grace of your Spirit, illuminate the difficult experience of illness from his body. You who live and reign forever and ever.

Oh Lord My God, come and cover this precious soul with your blood.

In Jesus mighty name, Amen

Healing Prayer #14

God who wants to be the life of every man, God who does not abandon any of your children, grant our sick brothers the strength to fight to heal: that they discover in their ordeal how much you want to be close to them through brothers who support their courage, through the hope you give them in Jesus Christ. Amen.

Healing Prayers  #15

Lord Jesus, thank you for your love over this person. I know you are not happy with what he’s going through.

I ask you oh Lord to cure this disease. Let your face shine upon and let him receive instant healing.

The scripture in Psalm 107: 19-20 says that we should cry to you in trouble, you will save us from all our distresses.

I believe in your healing power. Nothing is impossible for you oh Lord. I read about miraculous healings in the Bible and I believe you can still heal in the same way today.

Deliver this person from the affliction of sickness oh Lord.

Almighty God, you are the only source of health and healing. Prove your mighty hand in the life of this precious soul.

Thank you Jesus because you are a God that answers prayers. In Jesus’ mighty name I pray, Amen.

In conclusion

It is more than important to emphasize that not all disease is necessarily the product of individual sin, even while we know that Jesus came to the world because of our sin. (Job 2: 5-7, Genesis 2:17, Romans 5: 12-17).

It is appropriate to evoke, by way of example, the cases of Job tried by disease and the man born blind chosen by the Lord to manifest the divine glory (Job2: 1-10, John 9).

The prayer of faith will only work wonders in the life of born-again Christians. If you know you are not born again, I will therefore ask you to receive Jesus Christ first, by prayer, as Lord and personal Savior of your life.

Why? The fact of being born in Christ will erase any condemnation that weighed against your soul and set you free from the law of sin and death (Romans 8: 1-2). The new birth in Christ will give you access to God’s Kingdom of glory (John 3: 3)!

Your testimony shall abound in Jesus’s mighty name, Amen.

Use these powerful Healing prayers for a loved one to pray for your loved one and see the mighty hand of God move.

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