Marriage Podcasts for Christian Couples

Do you feel that your marriage is in need of some encouragement? Are you an avid listener of podcasts? There are many podcasts out there on the topic of relationships, but not all are for Christians. However, there are still quite a few Christian marriage podcasts for couples. Today, I want to share about the

Do you know that you can pray Prayers To Stop Divorce, Restore and save your Marriage? God’s intention is for your marriage to succeed and bless you and your spouse. Divorce is not what he desires for any couple (Malachi 2:16). Alisa Nicaud notes that God wants to redeem our marriages. He wants to mend

Troubled Marriage

Marriage has its joys, but it also has its sorrows. When difficulties set in, it can be unsettling and discouraging. When a couple fails to agree on the fundamentals of marriage, it can threaten its stability. A deeply troubled marriage is not anyone’s dream when they say, “I do.” God will help you when you


Prayers for Marriage Protection are for marriages under threat from many things in this world, and the 50% divorce rate is a testament to that. You need to protect your marriage from infidelity, boredom, staleness, third parties, strife, fear, and selfishness. Judy Star, in her article on Family Life, says, “To stand firm in the

Change Your Marriage

Do you know that prayers can change your marriage? Every bride and groom look forward to leaving happily ever after. Unfortunately, the marital bliss often fizzles out with time and many couples end up unhappy and some even think of divorce as the only way out. The news is awash with all manner of stories


Do you know this article, scriptures to pray over your marriage, can change your marriage? Marriage is a beautiful covenant relationship that fulfills God’s purpose for a couple. God has great plans for each couple and he wants their marriages to be strong and healthy. Brooke Keith says “God has a perfect plan for your

Transform A Broken Marriage

Divorce is so commonplace in our society today that we have grown accustomed to it. Our permissive society has made it seem like a must-of-life. But it wasn’t like that from the beginning. Before you think of divorcing your spouse, remember God hates divorce. To transform a broken marriage both of you have to work