Protection From Enemies

In this world, you will have enemies. Jesus said the world will hate those who believe in him (John 17:14), but we can say prayers for protection from enemies. In addition to this, we have an enemy prowling around looking for who to devour (1 Peter 5:8). Because of our enemies, we constantly need God’s


Prayers for Marriage Protection are for marriages under threat from many things in this world, and the 50% divorce rate is a testament to that. You need to protect your marriage from infidelity, boredom, staleness, third parties, strife, fear, and selfishness. Judy Star, in her article on Family Life, says, “To stand firm in the

Bible Verses

Do you know you can use bible verses to pray for protection? There are many things in the world today for which we need God’s protection. We are to pray for protection against false accusations, loss, theft, spiritual attacks, and many others. God has given us His word to show us His plan for the