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Prayers for Deliverance from Addiction: 15 Best

Prayers for Deliverance from Addiction: 15 Best

Do you suffer from any addiction? Focused prayer can help you heal faster than you can imagine.

It strengthens and comforts you as you navigate the difficulties of overcoming addiction.

Do you know how to pray to overcome addiction? God grants you the power to prevail over seemingly out-of-control things, including addiction.

So, don’t despair. This article contains 15 powerful prayers for deliverance from addiction.

They should encourage you and help you overcome addiction in all its manifestations.

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is a compelling drive to do or have something that could harm your health physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

An addict feels compelled to pursue something despite being aware of its harmful effects.

It is deceptive since it tempts you with temporary exhilaration while leading you away from yourself and God.

Why additions? Most people get addicted to the things that numb their nerves. So, you will likely numb yourself to manage stress.

Numbing senses block your ability to feel emotions and might prevent you from noticing the good things around you or fixating on one thing.

Common addictions include unhealthy eating, alcohol, drugs, watching too much TV, excessive shopping, and constant busyness.

Feeling your emotions is a God-given ability. You learn to work through these emotions as you deal with loneliness, anger, and sadness. Your soul stays awake through it all.

However, numbing yourself puts your soul to sleep, limiting your interaction with God’s wonders.

Since numbing makes you miss out on God’s doings in your life, prayer is the best remedy for it.

Turning to God rather than falling prey to addiction leads to lasting satisfaction and peace of mind. Jesus says, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.

I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not be afraid.”

So, God gives peace, guides, and helps you to overcome additions. You can confidently pray about everything you need, believing God will deliver you from your addictions.

The following are 15 powerful prayers for deliverance from addiction:


1. Prayer for Deliverance from Alcohol Addiction.

God, despite knowing the harmful effects of alcohol, I still drink it excessively. Although I want to be sober, I still end up drinking.

It pains me to see the harm my drunkenness causes to my loved ones and me.

So, I ask for your help to completely stop buying alcoholic beverages in stores and restaurants and accept them at social gatherings.

I commit to doing all, with your help, to overcome alcoholism. That includes going to rehab, working with counselors and medical professionals,

joining a support group, etc., to achieve sobriety. Please lead me to the resources and people I need to recover from alcohol addiction.

Holy Spirit, I pray for the renewal of my mind. Please help me to have healthy thoughts about the things that triggered my addiction to alcohol.

Jesus, heal my emotions and grant me your peace. Strengthen my faith to help me believe and hope in your promise for a better future for me, God.

Thank you for being gracious and merciful toward me. I believe I will soon celebrate permanent sobriety. Amen.

2. Prayer for Deliverance from Addiction to Gambling.

My God, help me to break free from gambling. I am addicted to gambling.

I can’t help but spend hard-earned money on betting. So, I waste the money with which you have entrusted me.

Please show me the underlying causes of my gambling habit and provide healing for everything in my life that leads me to gamble.

Guide me to friends, financial advisors, and other people to help me.

I need people to pray for me as I embark on a healing journey.

From today, I choose to depend on you and not on luck to provide everything I need now and in the future.

God, you’re the only reliable provider of my needs. Thank you for always supplying all my needs and teaching me to trust you. Amen.

3. Prayer for Deliverance from Addiction to Drugs.

Dear God, help me overcome my drug-taking habit. I have become drug dependent to the detriment of my physical and spiritual well-being. Please show me drug-free ways to relieve my pain.

I commit to stopping my drug use habit and accept support from those who can facilitate healing because they care. Make way for me to get help from family, friends, doctors, and counselors.

From today, I undertake to stop ingesting harmful chemicals and overcome withdrawal. I want to facilitate the healing of all my body cells.

I will replace drug-taking with healthy habits such as prayer, meditation, and reading God’s Word.

Heal my craving for drugs and fill me with peace, transcending my craving for any substance. Thank you for being so helpful on my daily walk to sobriety. Amen.

4. Prayer for Deliverance from Addiction to Unhealthy Eating.

God, I pray for self-control over unbridled appetite. I keep eating even when full; I eat unhealthy foods for comfort instead of nutrition. That’s not good at all.

Help me overcome my craving for macaroni, cheese, brownies, and fries. Instead, direct my mind to healthy and nutritious foods. .

Please renew my mind and help me redefine my relationship with food. Help me recover, God.

Holy Spirit, show me the reason behind my addiction to binge eating. Do I overeat or eat unhealthy foods when stressed,

bored, or lonely? Heal me emotionally so I can keep turning to you, not food, for all my emotional needs.

I commit to stop eating addictive foods and choosing healthy ones instead.

From today, I undertake to eat meals and snacks with other people to avoid the temptation to overeat due to loneliness.

When emotional, I’ll pray instead of trying to eat away my fears. Thank you for helping me use God-intended uses – as healthy, daily nourishment. Amen.

5. Prayer for Deliverance from Addiction to the Internet.

God, help me to stop spending too much time on the internet. I acknowledge that spending too much time on the internet has decreased my work productivity.

Lord, forgive me for focusing too much on online relationships instead being authentically close to my family.

Holy Spirit, help me to overcome the anxiety, guilt, agitation, isolation, and depression I feel due to my activities online. Forgive me for seeking solace online instead of you.

God, help me to overcome the compulsion to go online and rebuild relationships with the significant others in my life.

Connect me with counselors and other people to show me what I should do to be free from internet use.

Thank you, God, for showing me how to build healthy physical relationships instead of dwelling too much in cyberspace. Amen.

6. Prayer for Deliverance from Addiction to Work.

Holy Spirit, I have become addicted to my work that I hardly find time to rest and engage in recreation.

God help me redefine success and reflect on healthy ways to spend my time and energy.

My addiction to work is about wanting to earn more money within the shortest time possible. Forgive me for not trusting you to supply all my needs.

Lord, show me how to create the perfect work-life balance. Should I seek a career change or spend more time with my spouse?

Thank you for freeing me from my work grip and assuring me with a constant supply of my needs. Amen.

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7. Prayer for Deliverance from Addiction to Sex.

God, I ask for falling prey to behaviors, mood changes, feelings, and thoughts that have led to sex addiction. Forgive me for using sex to soothe pain, stress, and depression.

Lord, I have fallen short of what you intended sex to be and got involved with multiple partners. Forgive me for hurting my loved ones with my erratic behavior.

I undertake to do everything to overcome my addiction to sex. From now on, I will stop watching porn videos or acting provocatively with those of the opposite sex.

Lord, connect me with accountability partners and counselors to walk with me as I embark on the healing journey.

Help me keep track of the behavior patterns that make it difficult to stop being addicted to sex.

Thank you, God, for helping me adopt healthy behaviors like exercising and seeking you daily. Amen.

8. Prayer for Deliverance from Shopping Addiction.

God, I confess that I have become a shopping addict, and I can’t just stop purchasing things.

I thought buying things would make me happier, but I was wrong.

I have subscribed to many email lists, followed retailers on social media, and tracked certain websites.

So, I cannot stop responding to promotions to buy things even when I don’t need them.

Holy Spirit, help me to develop a healthy daily routine and set realistic shopping goals.

Please teach me how to budget for my finances and to track my bills.

Please guide me to professional financial advisors to help stop my compulsion to purchase unnecessary things.

Thank you, God, for guiding me to buy only the things I need. Amen.

9. Prayer for Deliverance from Video Game Addiction.

Holy Spirit, I pray for the power to overcome the compulsion to spend time playing video games and neglect my work.

Forgive me for ignoring my family and spending too much money on video games rather than necessities.

God, help me set aside time to play video games and perform my other functions.

I undertake to eliminate some of my gaming consoles and other systems. I will have joint gaming sessions to spend more time with my family.

Please show me the need for and how to take a break to stand up or walk around.

Connect me with counselors and other professionals to help me overcome the addiction.

Show me other healthier hobbies to pursue instead of gaming.

Thank you, God, for helping me on a path to healing from my addiction to gaming. Amen.

10. Prayer for Deliverance from Addiction to Smartphones.

God, I appreciate that you gave me a phone to facilitate communication with friends, family,

and work-related contacts. But I have turned my phone into an idol, which I must check often.

I have tried to reduce the time spent using my phone but have been unable to do it.

As a result, I have seared my relationships and slid into poor performance at work and school.

Holy Spirit, intervene and help me set healthy phone use boundaries. Please show me the triggers for frequent phone use

. Is it the desire for connection, avoidance of discomfort, or the appealing features of smartphones?

I promise to reduce the notification on my phone and put the device away when I no longer need it.

God, connect me to professionals to help me overcome the underlying thoughts leading to this behavior.

Thank you, God, for helping me start the journey to stop the excessive use of smartphones and rebuild my relationships. Amen.

11. Prayer for Deliverance from Addiction to Exercise.

I am obsessed with attaining the perfect body and the highest fitness levels.

So, I cannot stop exercising, making it difficult to meet most of my obligations at home, school, and work.

As a result of my obsession with exercise, I have experienced anxiety, depression, pain, injury,

irregular periods, and extreme weight Loss. God, things cannot go on this way.

I promise to focus on other things whenever I am compelled to exercise.

If I had a workout, I would involve my loved ones and do only the exercises I enjoy. I promise to exercise for myself, not others.

Thank you for helping me see the need to start small and take tiny steps. I believe I can maintain my health goals without straining my body. Amen.

12. Prayer for Deliverance from Addiction to TV.

Holy Spirit, please help me to overcome the compulsion to watch too much TV for too long.

Forgive me for using it as a distraction from unpleasant thoughts, neglecting to look up to you.

Despite my sound judgment, I watch more regularly than I intended. I have tried stopping, but I can’t.

Consequently, I have become less physically active and spent less time with my loved ones.

God, I need you to overcome this addiction by telling me to keep track of my time watching TV. Help me to create limits on just how long I can watch TV.

Thank you, God, for helping me start this new journey toward more healthy living. Amen.

13. Prayer for Deliverance from Addiction to Pain Killers.

God, I confess my addiction to Painkillers. I do everything to find these drugs, even if it means prescriptions from different doctors.

Instead of seeking your help when stressed or depressed, I use painkillers to numb my nerves.

God exposes the underlying reasons for this behavior. Bring people to help me into my life, including counselors and detoxification therapists.

I promise to do all I can. Under your guidance, you stop abusing painkillers. Instead of turning to drugs, I’ll seek your help to overcome pain.

Thank you that you are helping me to break my addiction to painkillers. Amen.

14. Prayer for Deliverance from Addiction to Cutting.

God help me to overcome my obsession with cutting. Because of my behavior, I have caused untold harm to my body.

My family has also suffered from more significant emotional distress.

I pray you to expose the underlying causes of this behavior and help me overcome it.

Please show me what to do whenever I feel the urge to cut.

Please direct me to the people I can call and talk to when I start feeling agitated and show me how to release agitation.

God, I believe that with your help, I can avoid cutting and live a more fulfilling life. Amen.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the type of addiction, God has the power to help you to overcome it.

Praying brings hope and invokes God’s power to break free of any addiction.

Once God responds, you’ll no longer feel compelled to do anything or take a substance.

In the end, you’ll also restore your faith in God and learn to depend on him concurrently aiding others who might be starting their addiction-free life.

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