Prayers for Family and Friends

13 Powerful Prayers for Family and Friends

The gift of family and friends are undeniably one of the most perfect gifts that we can possibly have. It is a beautiful feeling to have family members, friends, and loved ones who love and care about us surround us daily. Likewise, it is our responsibility to take time to offer prayers for our family …

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Safe Delivery of a Friend

15 Prayers for the Safe Delivery of a Friend

These powerful prayers for the Safe Delivery of a Friend can be used to intercede on behalf of your friend. It is undoubtedly true that praying for our friends shows how much the love of Jesus abounds in our hearts. More so, one of the most amazing things you can actually do to support your …

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Prayers for Fear and Uncertainty

Prayers for Fear and Uncertainty: 15 Mighty

In the face of fears and uncertainties, we will undoubtedly feel helpless. There are matters that could overwhelm or burden us. It is therefore important to have a strategy for handling such times. Praise God, He has made a way out already. Over and over again, the word of God addresses these matters and shows …

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Get Out of Depression

15 Powerful Prayers to Get Out of Depression

Are you tired of being depressed? Do you want to get out of depression? These powerful prayers will help you to get out of depression. God has your back, the things we can’t possibly do for ourselves are the same thing he does effortlessly for us, and that includes getting out of depression and worry. …

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Protection while Sleeping

15 Prayers for Protection while Sleeping

Have you been living in fear most of your life or for a certain period, perhaps due to certain event(s)that rocked the boat of your life, plunging you in despondency? Your bed no longer interests you at night because your security has become threatened. Beloved, it’s time for you to find solace in your father’s …

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Prayers to Break Family Curses

15 Prayers that Will Break Family Curses

How do you break a family curse? It’s simply through employing intentional, effectual, and fervent curse-breaking prayers. A lot of people know they have an existing family curse or a generational curse, however, they don’t know how to pray to break curses, especially how to pray to break family curses (also referred to as generational …

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