Top 19 Audio Marriage Books Couples Should Listen to Together

Audio Marriage Books

Everyone wants to have a happy marriage. Unfortunately, most marriages get less happy with time. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. The truth is, your marriage can become better with time if you give it what it takes to succeed. Perhaps, your marriage is on the verge of falling apart or you’re …

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Top 15 Reasons for Divorce According to the Experts

Reasons for Divorce

It would seem like people are divorcing all the time. In the United States, about 50 percent of marriages result in divorce. The figures could be higher or lower in other parts of the world, depending on prevailing local conditions. Even though couples are likely to divorce any time after the marriage, the first seven …

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The Top 17 Best Bible Studies for Women

Bible studies for women? If you are just getting started studying the Bible, sometimes it helps to have a good Bible study guide.  If we study the Bible through our own perspective and our prior knowledge then we’re certainly going to be limited; on what new information we can learn. In other words, the Holy …

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Christian Sex: 7 Proven Barriers To Fulfilling Marriage Sexually

Christian Sex

We do need healthy and Godly Christian sex advice when it comes to sex. Many Christian married couples are yet to experience fulfilling sexual experience. Yet, it is an essential ingredient for a vital Christian marriage. Our culture is drowning in a wrong and sinful view of sex. And because of this, many Christians are …

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